Increase font size?

Is it possible to adjust the size of the font the SDMB displays in?

Like individually, not for everyone.

I didn’t see anything in the FAQ, but I may have missed it.

You can just use [Ctrl] and the mouse scroll wheel to zoom it perhaps?

My iPad lacks both the mentioned button and a scroll wheel, unfortunately!

You should be able to do that through your browser settings, if I’m understanding your question correctly. What browser are you using?

Settings > Display > Text size

I’ve tried that, it only increases the Safari bits and has zero effect on how this board appears.

Is there no place to increase the font size, for the user, on this specific site? Most sites seem to have such a function.

Settings > General > Accessibility > Font Size

And again, that only affects the Safari menus etc.

Does zero to the font size for this board.

Isn’t there a board tech who can answer this question?

Try another browser then, that’s how everyone else changes the font size of the board to their liking. I suspect there’s no setting in vBulletin because it’s assumed to be a browser thing.

In Chrome changing the font size works for all the SDMB text.

No. We have technical staff who run the SDMB servers, but we do not have anyone on staff who is dedicated to providing tech support for users for issues with user devices.

That said, we moderators will help you out as much as we can, and for general computer/tablet/phone/whatever or browser issues you are always free to start a thread in the General Questions forum.

As for your specific issue, you may find this helpful:

Change the font size or zoom level of web pages in Safari

I appreciate the effort but those instructions won’t work on iPads which don’t have command or option keys on the keyboards unfortunately.

It does give alternate instructions for changing the settings from the view menu instead of using the option or command keys.

Does anything on this page help?

Unfortunately no. Those instruction are for desktops. iPads have no view menu and you can’t ‘right click’ without a mouse.

Again, appreciate the attempt, regardless. Thanks for taking the time.

Unfortunately, built-in mobile zoom tends to only work on the full page. Even though the mobile skin is designed to fit everything on page, mobile zoom tends to ignore this beyond the first rendering.

That said, I did read the double tapping might automatically make it larger?

The following seems like a not so elegant possible solution:

This doesn’t do it?

I suggested those fixes in posts #5 and #7.

^ From that webpage:

It doesn’t affect font size in websites.