increasing memory for internet explorer( Mac)

…running critically low on memory, my internet explorer version 5 for mac tells me to increase the memory so as to be able to watch some flash animation.
How do I go about doing this? Trust me, I have tried to figure this out till I’m blue in the face and I’m sure it’s simple , but, “They aint nuthin’ intuitive about this”
running OS 9.1


  1. Quit Internet Explorer.
  2. Go to the folder where you have the application.
  3. Click once on the application.
  4. Under the FILE menu, go to GET INFO (or command-i)—>MEMORY.
  5. Change it to whatever you want, depending on the total memory in the computer, and whatever other applications you usually have open.

When I get to the part about GET INFO, a small window tells me pertinant info but nowhere does it even tell me how much memory is allotted , much less allow me to change it.

Make sure you have selected the “Memory” tab. If you do not see such a tab, then you are probably not actually looking at the application program.

What tab? there is none. I know I’m looking at the application but I see no tab. Arrgh!

When you pull down the FILE menu, move the cursor down to GET INFO. Without lifting your finger from the mouse, move it to the right, past the little arrow, to where it says GENERAL INFO, SHARING, and MEMORY. Move the cursor to MEMORY and let go.

The only choices it gives me are gen info, and sharing. no dice on the memory.

If you see gen info, and sharing, you are looking in the right place. I don’t have 9.1 conveniently available just now, but the memory option might not show up when you are actually running IE 5. Quit Explorer and try the same thing.

Hmm…that’s odd. The methods described above should have worked.

Navigate to your Internet Explorer folder. Make sure the IE app is selected (and not, say, an alias of IE or something). When you go to File>Get Info, have it show General Information. At this Info window, look at the “Kind” field and verify that it says “Kind: application program”.

At this point, you should see a selection menu that’s labeled “Show.” Use the selection menu above that field and pick “Memory” from the list. Hopefully, you will now see the memory allocation panel.

This is assuming that there isn’t some sort of weird problem or corruption with IE or the OS.

Are you new to the Mac OS?

(I’m doing this from memory, as I’m running Mac OS X now)

Open the Finder Preferences panel. Can’t remember exactly which Finder menu this is under. Look for an option to use “Simple Finder” and uncheck that option, if it is checked. If I remember correctly, you cannot see the Memory allocation under “Simple Finder”.

Once you’ve made sure that the Simple Finder is disabled, try the Get Info routine again.