INCREDIBLY Mundane: Triple Paycheck Month!

Friday is May 1st and a pay day. Woot triple paycheck month!

Anyone else celebrate their third, slightly-larger paycheck (no deductions for insurance on mine) those two months a year when the calendar aligns just right?

I used to have a job like that, with a payday every other Friday. I loved those two months a year with an extra paycheck! One went to cover a kick-ass vacation. The other went into savings or paying off those creeping credit card accounts.

Now I’m paid monthly. No such fun available!

Sometimes this can happen in February, but not very often.

Technically May is a three paycheck months for me as well, except with direct deposit the funds actually show up in my bank account the day before official pay day. So effectively April is my three paycheck month. I used the extra one to pay some additional principal on my mortgage.

I used to get my pay, now my pension, twice a month and then, for some indiscernible reason, they changed to every two weeks. Since most bills are monthly, this makes no sense. And in 2022 I think it is, there will be a year with 27 pay periods and I have no idea what they do about that. I hate this.

Depends on which day you get paid. 2021 will have one more Friday than normal, and 2022 one more Saturday.

I get paid on Thursdays. And I get paid every week. April is a 5 paycheck month.

Yeah, we’re on the two week schedule too. We keep a large-ish float in our checking account so in practice it does no harm but it can be annoying to have your income on a difference cadence to your expenses which are largely based on the calendar month. I don’t know why it is done this way.

I used to be paid twice a month at a previous job in the US. Back in South Africa I was paid once a month, which I believe was the more standard process for salaried employees.

Those months suck when you’re the withholder. I owe an extra week in withholdings and matchings!

I usually do a little splurging on the 3 pay check moths.

I remember getting 27 pay periods in one year. I tried to work out the math to figure out how often that happens. But I couldn’t figure it out.

I was not expecting the content. April is bonus month here, so on the 27th, I got a bigger pay packet than usual. Not quite the same as a triple paycheck, though. :slight_smile:

This is a 27 pay day year for me. January, July and December are 3 pay day months.

I was always paid every two weeks. My budget, then, has always been based on 26 pay periods/year. Just how I did it.

The best is that this is the first month in a while in which there was a payday that coincided with rent! We kept getting paid on the 3rd through the 7th, and it was killing us.
Mr. Celtic Knot was minimally employed through most of 2019, and we were behind on our biggest bills for almost a year. Every paycheck was spent as soon as we got it to pay the bills that were already due. Finally, he has a good, full-time, permanent job! (I have 2 part time jobs and little hope of finding anything better.) The $2400 we got from the government is in savings because, the better paying of my jobs is for the school year only, and the other has been shut down for 6 weeks already. That company hasn’t communicated anything about paying us anything at all, and I don’t expect to see anything from them. That extra money will keep us afloat this year. If there’s any left when school starts up again, debts will be addressed.

April was my three paycheck month. And it went to the mortgage. So my mortgage will end one month sooner than originally scheduled and I save a little bit of interest, too.

I get/got paid on every other Thursday, so July will be my three-pay month… assuming I am employed. My once-and-future employer announced last Monday that a lot of us are being hired back under the federal government’s emergency wage subsidy program, so we will start being paid on May the 7th at 75% of our regular pay, until June. Presumably they hope to reopen the plant before then; the provincial government has already announced a small list of (mostly outdoor) jobs that may restart as of Monday.

April was my three paycheck month. And it went to the mortgage. So my mortgage will end one month sooner than originally scheduled and I save a little bit of interest, too.