Indexing problems again! Crash imminent?

In GQ: “Cable Modem Problems” is showing one less post than is actually there.

Also, I added a post to “Ossuary of James, brother of Jesus found… maybe” in MPSIMS several days ago, but the search result when one searched for “Ossuary” shows last post by “Degrance”. When the thread is opened, you see the last post was actually mine.

I did send an email to all moderators in MPSIMS about this already.

I don’t think it indicates a crash being imminent; only that when you made your post the server was unable to complete the full sequence of actions required when adding a post to a thread.

I hope your right. I’m just remembering the last time this happened, the board was down a few days afterwards.

Actually, this happens all the time, doesn’t it? Last time, I remember, before the board crashed it was doing it with every post to every thread. If that happens again, we may be talking bad news.

Arnold, is this something you guys want reported when one notices it happening, or is it common enough not to worry about it?

MHO - it’s common enough not to worry about it. But I’ll check with the IS people.