Indiana Jones 5 in 2019

Harrison Ford reprises his role and Steven Spielberg directing.


I know I’m in the minority, but I liked the fourth one. I can see them trying to fix the flaws with it, though. I like Temple of Doom, but it has always been clear to me that they tried to repair some of its flaws with Last Crusade.

I hope they find a writer who can do a good job. Avoid using Lucas for any story elements. Could be neat.

Yeah, I don’t know how to feel about this news. 4 was fun to watch, even if it was terrible. Though I don’t need to see it again. I’m sure 5 will be the same. And I will probably see it at some point regardless.

Indiana Jones and the Total Hip Replacement

He’ll be 76 fer chrissakes.

I’d watch it, as long as someone guarantees the Indy character won’t meet the same fate as Han Solo did in the recent Star Wars movie. Yup, I’m still grumpy about that.

He belongs in a museum!

It’ll be two hours of him sitting at his desk grading papers.

Looking back, I can’t think of a single bright spot from 4. Not that it was 100% eye-meltingly dire but, at the same time, I can’t think of a “Yeah but the [thing] was kind of fun” moment.

Indiana Jones and the Wheelchair of Doom ?

Indiana Jones and the Viagara Mine.

Indiana Jones and the Hippies of the Damned

I liked the chase through the jungle, and especially how it turned into a drenching. (The army ants bit, yuck…) The opening fight scene in the warehouse was fun.

The special effects of the island temple breaking up were remarkable: very cataclysmic.

When he snuck in to the A-Bomb test village, that was really creepy! And even the stupid refrigerator joke was a joke! It was funny! I’ve met people who foam at the mouth with outrage over that, but I thought it was intended as a joke, much like some of the other physical humor in the other movies.

(Laugh out loud funny is when the technician is scrubbing him down for fallout, scrubs his groin, and Jones shoots him a “Hey!” kind of glare. That was superb physical acting.)

All I have to say about No. 5 is that he damn well needs to lose an eye. Spielberg owe us one of Indiana Jones’ eyes! (I kept expecting him to lose an eye all through No. 4. Quite disappointed. Professor Jones, you owe me an eyeball!)

Indiana Jones and the Fog of Dementia.

George Lucas was who held it back last time. They were all ready to go as much as five years earlier, but Lucas, who insisted on story approval, kept delaying things and demanding changes. Now he’s not involved, I am anticipating something as good as The Force Awakens in terms of carefully getting it right. It may be a little too familiar, but Lawrence Kasdan, who I think was responsible for the Han Solo sequences, may dip his oar in here too.

Shia’s character was a great addition IMO. I wonder if he’ll be in the movie

I liked the scene in the diner with Indy and Shia and the ensuing motorcycle scene. Too bad the rest of the action was a cgi snooze fest.

Please please let Indiana die in this one.

Just how much older than Sean Connery in Last Crusade will Ford be?

Maybe Clint Eastwood can play is older brother?

I’m torn. Continued interest might make my pinball machine worth more, or new episodes will make it “outdated”.

What can you do?

Indiana Jones and the Kids On My Lawn

I love Indiana Jones and think Harrison Ford is great in the role - but I also think it’s time for him to hang up the fedora and let Chris Pratt take over as Indy.

I think everyone should forget about Chris Pratt for the role. Not only has he already fulfilled that type of character once in Guardians of the Galaxy, but after this new one comes out in 2019 (for pete’s sake that’s a long way away) he’ll have aged out of it and some new hot property actor will be on everyone’s list.

I think he’s too goofy for the role anyway.