Induction pan

What is an induction pan? My friends got me a frying pan, its hard to say, its written in Spanish. It says for use with an induction stove, but I have a regular electric stove.
can I use it?

Yes. It will work fine. An induction pan just has a non-aluminum metal bottom which will work with an induction cook surface. Easiest way to tell if a pan is induction-approved, try to stick a magnet to it. If it sticks or is attracted, it will work on an induction stove.

Yes. The problem goes the other way - a lot of pots and pans work fine with a heat element, but do not heat up on an induction stove element. When our stove died, we had a choice of buying and induction range - but (a) we would have to replace most of our pots and (b) with a stove-top that is not hot, IMHO there is a serious risk of accidents. (In the restaurant my wife worked at they had big warnings about not wearing rings because an induction element could appear cool but putting the ring near it could cause it to get instantly hot and burn your finger. Ditto, spoons and other implements could get excessively hot. )

Yes, all ‘for use with an induction stove’ means is that the pan will get hot in the electromagnetic field of an induction cook-top.

CMC fnord!

Thank you:)