Indy Time Trials!

I just got two tickets to the Indy qualifications this weekend. I’ve never been there so I’m looking for advice for those of you who know the ropes.

What should I expect as far as parking, crowds, eating, seating, etc? I have back problems from a bad car wreck a few months ago so I’m expecting to have limited mobility and want to make every step count. Coolers are welcome so we may decide to take snacks and drinks but again I don’t want to be so overburdened that walking is a problem.

I’m going to save the museum for another trip because it’s open all year. No need to fight the crowds on Pole Day.

My last experience with Indy car racing was in the 70’s and 80’s when there were still the AJ Foyts and Richard Pettys leading the pack. My dad never missed a race on TV which I found supremely boring at the time. I’m really looking forward to the day at the track now, though.

Parking won’t be terrible (there are huge lots nearby), and time trials don’t bring in tons of people (though Pole Day will certainly be one of the busier trial days). You will be walking quite a bit. I’m not really sure if there’s anything you’ll want to see on Pit Row that you won’t be able to see from your seats (where are your seats, by the way?). Things I’d recommend:

Stadium seat: Something like this. I’m 60% sure they rent these at the track - I’m actually checking with my friends on this right now. But all the seats are bleacher style, and with your back problems, I think it may be the best piece of advice I can give you.


Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, rain poncho. The weather here in Indy has been…weird this month, and there’s no telling what you’ll encounter. Best to prepare for a bit of anything.

The food at the track is reasonably priced. If you don’t want to haul it, you won’t need a bank loan to feed yourself. You will, however, need to get down into the concourse to get it - there aren’t any roving vendors.

Yup - the track has the seat backs available to rent.

I’ve never been to an Indy race, but have gone to the Montreal F1 a number of times.

If you’re going to be close to the track, take some ear plugs. Seriously.

I haven’t been in a while, but coolers used to be limited to 14 inches in length.

Mullet spotting drinking game!

Yup - forgot about those. But you can buy those for a buck on the way in from one of the thousands of kids outside peddling them.

Well, I wouldn’t have thought about ear plugs.

The tickets I have are what appear to be gate tickets. I can’t find anywhere online where (other than the penthouses and box seats) that there is assigned seating? Can that possibly be right?

The day we went for practice day, there was virtually no one there but I can’t imagine that volume of people with no assigned seating.

What about grassy areas to sit with camp chairs. I’m thinking my back would do better that way than bleachers even with the rental seatbacks.

Thanks for the tip on the food. I’d rather not haul a cooler if I don’t have to.

Yup. There just aren’t enough people on a time trial day to justify assigned seating - especially when you’re dealing with 200,000 individual seat locations. There are plenty of grassy areas to sit in the infield. There are shuttles that will take you around to those spots for convenience. But, you’re not going to see anything other than that 1/4 section of track. On time trial days, everyone sits in the grandstand so they can watch the pit, the action at the pagoda, etc.

good tip on the ear plugs! indy car is nothing if not noisy.

**munch **is right: indy weather has been bizarre the last couple of months, but bring a hat and even a light jacket even if it’s cloudy and looks like rain, and i also recommend sunscreen - good stuff - because you will be sitting in one place for a fair chunk of the day. years ago i went to carburation day and got myself cooked - on one side of my body. the queen was red AND white for *days *afterward. :smiley:

and start your day early. traffic is always a pain this weekend and next and getting into the track itself can be hassle-ish at times. and definitely take your time leaving for the same reason.

Make sure you travel around the track to get all the different views. We usually stop at the corners and spend some time by the Pagoda and across from the Pagoda.

I love the Time Trials! We’ll be there on Sunday!

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Ear plugs are a nice idea, but I don’t think they’re essential. The cars are loud, yes, but not nearly as loud as F1 cars (now those things are loud!). And there’ll only be a few on the track at a time, instead of all 33. It’s loud, but not unmanageable without ear protection.

But the ear plugs are all of what, a dollar? At that price, they’re probably worth it.