Inevitable - The Whoppie defends Vick

I was wondering how long it would take and who it would be (I figured Jesse Jackson or Sharpton) but Whoppie Goldberg has actually tried to defend Vick by saying that people from the South aren’t aware that dog-fighting is so bad. Let me repeat that phrase: people from the South aren’t aware dog-fighting is bad.

Words simply escape me. Even an utterly inexcusable and undefendable act as Vick’s is still somehow trying to be excused and defended because he’s ‘a brother’. Plus anyone, myself here included, who criticises her for defending him will probably be accused of being a racist. Of course what Whoppie is really saying is that all white people are inherently prejudiced and therefore the black community has to stick up for him.

People from the South also used to lynch black people and also didn’t think doing that was all that bad, should some white pundit try and defend them? If instead of a wealthy, mansion-owning, first-class flying, but still somehow ignorant of common morality black guy, it had been a poor, confederate flag flying, shotgun toting, beer-swilling cracker do you think the Whoopie would be rushing to make the same point about southerners?

What exactly are white people supposed to think when a black guy can literally do anything, from torturing animals for fun to cutting his (white) wife’s head off out of jealousy, and the black community will still not only not condemn it, but excuse it.

That is, what are they supposed to think other than that black people are just if not more racist than whites.

I’m from the South and, for as long as I can remember, I’ve known that dog-fighting is very, very bad. I also feel the same way about lynchings, in case you’re wondering.

There’s a Pit thread here on this topic. I don’t know if there’s a real debate here. I agree with your premise (that it’s ridiculous to defend Vick based on the idea that all us inbred simpletons in the South just don’t know any better). Why are you referring to Whoopi Goldberg as “the Whoppie”? I hope you’re not stooping to ridiculing somebody’s name because you disagree with them.

In fairness, it does seem that there are some prominent blacks who are willing to deviate from the party line.

For example, during the Duke Lacrosse Rape Hoax, there was a black professor of law who publicly criticized the prosecutor.

Whoopi Goldberg’s given name is quite silly enough.

I think the point is that prominent, if you will, African American’s excusing behavior of this type isn’t doing anyone any good. Is it the majority opinion of Black Americans? I very much doubt it, but Joe Average American of any stripe’s opinion isn’t much sought by the television and publishing industries.

“Caryn Elaine Johnson” isn’t all that silly, but her stage name is.

That’s not actually what she said. She just said that Vick grew up in a culture where dogfighting is accepted. I don’t know if that’s true or not, and she may well be factually incorrect, but I don’t think she’s saying or implying what you suggest.

Of course not. That sort of thing is beyond the pale around here.

Now, can someone point me to the latest Shrub thread?

Huh, then why hide his enterprise?


There’s a black party line now? :rolleyes:

Different cultures have different views about how to treat animals, so I don’t know why this is such a controversial remark. It’s not true that “everybody knows dogfighting is wrong.” I think she’s probably wrong that Vick didn’t know any better, but it’s a matter of opinion and not exactly a stirring defense on her behalf. I’m disgusted by the entire dogfighting story, but the vitriol she’s getting confuses me.

Geez, a month of disproportionate outrage wasn’t enough? Now people are going to use a softly contrarian attempt to make conversation on a talk show to drag this out even further?

I’m sorry…I don’t understand the question?

If you’re asking why Vick hid the dogfighting, I’d imagine because it was illegal and he feared prosecution…that’s generally why people hide illegal activity.

Gotta say I’m really amazed that Jesse and Al managed to get mentioned in this thread (in the OP, no less). Never saw that coming in a million years.

Perhaps you can start by explaining how

  1. Ted Danson-loving, Jewish-surname-bearing Whoopie Goldberg has come to embody the Black Community, and

  2. her comments about Southern culture constitute an excuse when similar explanations are offered all the time about behaviors we see… with none of the vitriol she’s been receiving.

“The boys were bullied, hence Columbine”.
“Yates was insane, hence she killed her kids”.
“The Palestinians have no clout or political voice, hence they suicide bomb.”

People say this shit all the time and I have to see anyone wish chainsaw sodomy upon them (see Pit). So before I even attempt at humoring your question about what white people are supposed to think, perhaps you start off explaining how anything she said in any way warrants your reaction.

I missed this the first time through. If you’re really worried about being called a racist, I would stop suggesting that black people all think alike and protect their own at all costs.

Whoopi made the mistake by saying it was part of “Southern” culture which is an ignorant and bigoted thing to say in the first place.
What she should have said was that is was part of “gang” culture (or gangsta’ culture or thug culture, whatever it is they call themselves these days).

And while it may serve as an explanation for his acts it if far from being an excuse for them.

And you’re certain the latter is more accurate than the former, how?

So what if you replace “black community” with “a number of black individuals who claim to represent black America and have not been disowned by most black Americans”?

When has any black “name” claimed to represent black America? Why would it be any black person’s responsibility to “disown” anyone he has never claimed kindred (especially when blacks aren’t and have never even been a self-defined group in the first place)? By what method could blacks en masse effectively “disown” these people?

Yeah that’s really what she’s saying, dude. Even though she never mentioned or implied anything about white or black people or prejudice, and never said anything that suggested that even she took issue with the flak or punishents Vick has received, what you are saying is sooooo true.

In fact, I think you’re being charitable. What she really is saying is that whites better watch their back because on Sept 11 the ghosts of Nat Turner and Toussaint L’overture are expected to rise from Ground Zero and will jointly be tag-teaming their wrath on everyone lacking The One Drop.

“Indicative to the South” is code for all of that, you see.

I don’t know that it is. For a long time, dogfighting was confined to parts of the rural South. That’s not neccesarily true anymore, but for a long time, it was true. In fact, the most popular set of rules for dogfighting (the “Cajan Rules”) was put together by Louisiana sheriff and promoter G. A. Trahan, who’s dogfights were famous in the 1950s all over the south.