Vick Pleads Out


Looks like Mister Vick has chosen the better part of valor here.
He’s a guilty motherfucker.

Is he apologizing to the dogs? That’s what I want to know.

More from MSNBC. Looks like at least a year in prison.

It seems he’ll be looking forward to cock fighting now.

Oh, I’d say about twice a week.

So, running a dog fighting enterprise was an “oops, my bad”? how do you make a 7 year “mistake”?

Just think… if they ever form a football team of inmates vs. the guards, it could be ugly!

It could be the third remake of the Longest Yard.

Seriously though, good riddance to another sick bastard. That family has some serious issues.

Ask Arthur Blank

His is only a 5 year issue.

What’s this mean to his career? Assume he does little or no jail time (suspended sentence or what not), do you think he’ll ever play pro-ball again?

Gods, I hope not! Any team that would sign him will be faced with protests, boycotts and more bad PR than they can imagine. Better he just go back to working at the corner liquor store, graveyard shift, with the junkies sticking him up every other night, which is what he deserves.

That partially depends on what the NFL wants to do in terms of a suspension. It appears he’s likely going miss a minimum of two full seasons. That’s an eternity in the NFL.

Even if his physical skills don’t rust beyond repair, he’s still going to have a PR problems and teams are going to be reluctant to take a chance on him. While the passage of time will probably render him a little less radioactive than he is right now, he’s most likely damaged enough from a PR perspective that most teams are going going to pass on him.

My guess is that, at best, he might latch on somewhere, sometime as a third stringer playing for the league minimum but his days as a marquee player are definitely over.

I think it’s really unfortunate, too, considering how bright his whole career could have been. He was a unique and exciting exciting athlete to watch and he could have retired as a very rich and well-liked player in a few more years if only he’d chosen not to run a dog-fighting ring. How hard is it to refrain from running dog-fighting rings? I can’t understand why anyone would throw away so much for something so stupid.

I could see him spending time in the AFL or maybe the CFL, but apparently after Williams the CFL is shy on signing more felony players. It’s possible that he could make it back to the NFL–others have done it, after all–but there will probably be far more protests if so (which is kind of sad, really.)

Usually they start as teenagers with Siamese Fighting Fish, work their way up to guinea pigs, and then one day it’s Chihuhuas til finally it’s a Cocker Spaniel- the so-called gateway dog.

Williams wasn’t a felon or anything. He was suspended by the NFL for repeatedly failing drug tests.

Also, Lawrence Phillips did play in the CFL, but I have to admit I don’t know if he is a felon either.

Anyone catch the RealSports segment on dogfighting? It was some seriously fucked up shit. Not directly tied to Vick, but rather about dogfighting in general.

Apparently it isn’t unheard of for the people involved to steal pet dogs out of people yards, “hobble” them, then toss them to their fighting dogs to get experience killing.

One example was a smallish pet dog whose mouth was taped shut to make it defenseless. She did not survive. (They showed the video of that “fight”. Ugh.) Another was brutal; they shattered one of the dogs hips so that it couldn’t defend itself. It somehow survived and amazingly managed to limp its way home, where it promptly collapsed. Its horrified owner took it straight to the vet. It’s still alive, but has effectively become a three-legged dog due to its permanently destroyed hip.


What does your lawyer tell you in this situation, “It’s a sweet deal, a year in medium-security, three months off for good behavior, you lose your job and pay a $1 million dollar fine.”

I don’t usually wish people permanent harm due to a scandal, but here’s hoping that the fines and legal fees leave Vick absolutely penniless when he emerges. I want him to be the drunk in the rundown bar droning on to people who don’t believe him about his millionaire athlete days.

If it had been drugs I wouldn’t feel this way, if he’d beaten up his wife I wouldn’t feel this way (she can get away and take him to the cleaners). I wouldn’t even feel this way if it had been cockfighting (I think it’s a gross sport [though I do have my great-grandfather’s spurs] but roosters are incredibly stupid animals, chickens are specifically bred to be killed, cockfights rarely last more than a minute and are based on the animal’s natural behavior [two roosters will kill each other rather than share 100 chickens], and they are a traditional sport historically in America and in many parts of the world to this day. Dog fighting- you’ve moved way up the sentient line and you’re forcing animals who aren’t naturally murderous to each other to be that way. It takes a lot to make most dogs mean and this son of a bitch-

Oy. I hope he has just enough left for therapy that will get him his soul back and make him scream at what he’s done.

Not that I disagree with your sentiment in the slightest, but some dog breeds are bred for fighting (dogs, bulls, bears…), and have been since at least the 1500s. That doesn’t excuse it at all, of course, but dog fighting isn’t a new sport.

And just what the Hell kind of dipshit athletes are they turning out in this day and age? These clowns are spoiled in High School - even more so when they are in college (or even the way they are enticed to enter a particular college). When they turn pro they earn millions. They’ve had everything their way all of their lives so I guess as adults they have no fucking idea about responsibility or ethics and feel as if they can act any frigging way they want. Sorry Mr Vick, but laws apply to you too. That’s right. :mad:
It seems as though athletes such as Steve Howe (1958-2006) are becoming the “norm” now.
Baseball Rookie of the Year 1980. Suspended for the entire 1984 season because of cocaine use. And from the Wikipedia article:

Well of course. Everyone deserves a 5th chance, and a sixth chance and a 7th chance. :rolleyes:
Also from the article:

What a fitting end to such a spectacular career.

I find just the thought of dog-fighting is atrocious.
The posting by Ellis Dee is frightening. The assholes that engage in this “sport” find it necessary to dognap other people’s dogs? :mad:
I wonder what I would do if I saw someone attempting that shit?
I heard (and this was shortly before the Vick arrest) that 2 dog carcasses were found in the water off the coast of New Bedford, Mass, indicating that there was a dogfighting ring in the area.
God damn it, is this country going fucking insane?

Mr Dibble
The presa canario (the dog breed that killed that woman in San Francisco) was bred as a fighting dog. Yeah it’s an old “sport”.

The saddest part of all this, to my mind, is that what’s making this situation so much on the public consciousness is not that anyone’s surprised to hear that there are dog-fighting rings, but just the celebrity factor.

I can’t swear to it, but my impression is that the local authorities tend to shut down one dog fighting ring a year in any metropolitan area.

We’re not looking at a single incident here, nor even a single group of people. There’s a whole “league” of people who want to perpetuate this shit.

It’s tempting to try to make it a class thing, but given some of the numbers being tossed around, it’s obvious that not only are poor people involved, but that there have to be people from all socio-economic classes involved. I just can’t imagine that it’s possible to get the purses that have been mentioned in these stories without the support of people who are at least economically middle class. I think there’s reason to suspect there are some rich bastards (besides sports figures, I mean) bankrolling this shit.

I want to see if they call roll up anyone else involved in this ring, honestly. I’m going to be very cynical and guess that no one higher up than Vick himself is going to be implicated. Even though the stories mention setting up dog fights with others from as far away as NY. I’ll admit that it’s possible that the communications were done via “blind drop” emails or cell phones - where there’s no real way for the authorities to follow that information to the people behind those contact points. But I think it’s unlikely.

In which case I’m going to suspect that social contacts - the “old boy network” - will have been used to quash anything going beyond the new money figure, Vick.

I don’t pretend that the richer supporters I’m positing are creating the demand for this out of nothing, but getting them, I think, would do more to reduce the amount of dog fighting than stopping any number of sports figures will.