Vick pleads guilty, but wants to know what his career options are.

What options should he have? I thought that if he was guilty of the crime he would be banned. Is that unclear to him or is there something we don’t know about?

Federal prosecuters said they were aware of no deal, so Vick’s plea would not be a part of any deal. If he pleads guilty without any kind of deal, does that mean he gets the full punishment?

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I believe his options should be:

A. firing squad
B. eaten by angry, hungry dogs
C. A, then B

This is one time where I hope that PETA comes down hard on an organization (NFL) and makes a big stink and forces their hand.

No no no. The dogs should get there several minutes before the bullets.

Then, CFL.

The spokesman was not aware of the deal. If there was no deal in place, then Vick would have no compelling reason to plead out.

You cruel, sick bastard.

I thought that was unclear.

I could see him getting banned for a season, or 8 games.

Some have said, they really frown on the illegal gambling, so that could hurt him.

I don’t think the NFL has said what his punishment will be.

Where did you hear about the automatic banning? Plenty of NFL players haved been found guilty of crimes and come back to play. I would think that he serves his sentence (probably more like 12 months assuming he stays clean in prison) and then can negotiate as a free agent with any team in the league.

I would think that banning would only be appropriate in reaction to a crime that directly has a negative impact on the game, like throwing games.

I could be wrong.

I vote for B - then A.


Can I ask why?

What does the NFL have to do with something Michael Vick was doing in the privacy of his home?

Because it’s illegal, and completely sick. I wouldn’t want anyone involved with such activities associated with MY multibillion-dollar, family-friendly enterprise.

I think the NFL should form an expansion team called “The Felons” made up entirely of players who have been convicted of felonies. Kinda get a “Longest Yard” vibe going. Black and white horizontally striped uniforms. The yeard markers could be manned by an actual chain gang. Of course you know what song they’d play whenever Vick came out on the field - Who let the dogs out.

Man, I’m a marketing genius!

I just cannot fathom the thought process of a high profile, millionaire, football player who honestly thought; “I can have a dog fighting ring, who would know?”

For stupidity alone he should get another 10yrs on his jail time.

But why should PETA attack the NFL? You would think they found out when the rest of the world did (when he was arrested).

The man is going to jail. He has lost all of his current endorsements and will likely never get another one again. He may be banned for life from the NFL.

Why should PETA get free reign to attack an organization he worked for when all of the illegal activity occured at his home?

The banning will probably stem from the fact that Vick lied directly to the commissioner when questioned about his potential involvement in the dogfighting.

From the NFL Personal Conduct Policy. Bolding mine. #


IIRC, the NFL and CFL have an agreement to honour each other’s suspensions, so that is one opportunity that won’t be open to him.

Didn’t Ricky Williams play in the CFL while under suspension from the NFL? I could be wrong.
ETA: I found this.

I haven’t heard that - Ricky Williams did play in the CFL - but Vick would be a convicted felon and might have trouble going to Canada.

No one’s saying that the NFL had foreknowledge of Vick’s dog fighting activities, or that they should have known about it. What they’re saying is, now that it’s known, the NFL should not allow Vick to remain a part of the league under any circumstances. The concern is that the NFL will try to give Vick a slap on the wrist, instead of coming down on him like a ton of bricks. If they’re already primed for a lifetime ban, then no problem: the NFL is already taking the appropriate measures, and shouldn’t be “attacked” by anyone.