Michael Vick ready for next season

Michael Vick will be released in July 2009. However if he gets an early release he can get out in time for the start of the season. Atlanta says they do not want him. So who does? The Lions and Raiders could use help but would they dare sign him?
ESPN article says he is benching 300 and is throwing a lot. Other than wondering how that is allowed, will that make him ready. ? Maybe he could be a running back .
Who will court Vick?

He might get a shot as a RB or WR. His type of athleticism is hard to find, even in the NFL. He was always more of a running threat than an effective QB anyway. I would think he has no chance of being signed as a QB.

The question is who would take the risk? The PR backlash would likely be quite high (at least until he has a a few good games), and with the NFL’s crackdown on off-the-field behavior, he’d be an awful risk.

Still, I can see someone giving him a shot, with a contract loaded with outs and incentives. The Raiders are always a candidate for this type of signing.

People have been welcomed back for felonies before, so I’ll bet he gets a shot somewhere.

I can’t see anyone other than Al Davis scooping up that turd.

Yeah… dude is destined to be a Raider at this point.

As an ex prisoner he can not hang around with felons . The Raiders would be ruled out.

New theme song for whatever team signs this ass.

The man beat a dog to death and owned a device called a “rape chair”.

He will never take another snap as long as he lives. If no MLB team wanted to take a flyer on Barry Bonds, the only way Vick will ever enter an NFL stadium again is by buying a ticket. And even then, I hear ushers really love their dogs.

Actually, the so-called Wildcat offense that Miami is running right now would fit Vick to a tee. The whole point is having mutiple backs in the backfield that can either run, option the ball or throw the ball.

I wouldn’t rule out Dallas either. Jerry Jones needs a new cornerback, after all. And he has shown a willingness to give other troublemakers multiple chances (Irvin, T.O., Pac-Man…)

The Steelers would love to have his skillset, they like skill players that can throw.

You must be on crack. The Steelers do not keep criminals on their team. Vick wouldn’t be considered if he were the best player on the planet which he’s not.

I can’t help but think that a lot of you are over estimating the ethics of NFL teams. If he can play at a high level, he will have a job. Besides, he would be a natural fit in Cleveland with the Dawg Pound and all. :wink:

Is he even eligible to play in 2009?

I thought he was to be suspended from the league for as long as his prison sentence, and that the suspension would not start until he got out of the slammer?

I really don’t see anybody wanting the guy. Anybody that signs him is practically guaranteed to see tons of protests, might even see some boycott action.

Edit: Think he’s also looking at some unresolved State charges, too. Not sure what is going on with those…

If Lawrence Phillips can get a second and third chance, so can Vick, IMO. He may have to play in Europe or Canada for a while, keep his nose clean, and wear a (dog) hair shirt in public, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

He’ll get another chance in the NFL. As suggested above the Raiders and Cowboys are the most likely landing spots.

And I have to second Airman’s post about the Steelers. No way, no chance, no how. Not as long as the Rooney’s own the team (which I guess is still up in the air).

He won’t play in the CFL.
The CFL has a rule preventing the signing of any player currently under suspension in another league. So, if Vick is suspended in the NFL he can’t play in the CFL.

I doubt any CFL team would go near him anyway.

So… after one’s debt is paid to society, one shouldn’t be allowed to start again?

Do you guys feel this should be true in every case?

Which guys have said he shouldn’t be allowed to start? As a related issue, should he be allowed to come off the bench?

Ricky Williams’ NFL suspension wasn’t over when he played in the CFL, was it?

ETA: Never mind…it’s a new rule.

I think you are absolutely right. Whoever signs him will make a lot of noises about how “He’s paid his debt to society,” and “Everybody deserves a second chance,” but make no mistake, Vick will get signed because he is the type of player who can almost single-handedly change the outcome of a game. Winning games puts asses in the seats and money in the bank.

I agree that we won’t necessarily see him at quarterback, though. I can imagine that a team will want to put him in a slightly lower-profile position.