I’m terribly infatuated with a woman who lives 300 miles away and is dating someone else. Dating but not going out with. We met Halloween and have stayed in touch on and off since. She came to my office Holiday party, a black-tie event, and looked ravishing. She stayed over and yadda yadda yadda, we slept in. After our shower, she asked what I would think if I were dating a girl/woman and she went to another town to go to some function with another guy and spent the night there. Being the straightforward and sometimes foot-in-mouth guy I am, I responded “If we were dating, fine, but if we were going out, you know, a couple, I’d be pissed.” Didn’t seem to be the answer she wanted to hear. She was going to visit other friends while in town and I had to drive back to the city I’m working in (about 230 miles away), so around noon we parted.

Two weeks later, on the premise of heading to a Dopefest, I was able to stop in and see her for a few hours. We chatted, had a few drinks and shared a kiss or two and again, we each had places to go, so we parted once more. We did make tentative plans to see each other again soon, which is to say in the next tow weeks. While there, I gave her an early birthday present and card, this being last Friday and her birthday being today…well, yesterday by the time I finish typing this. Today, I sent an e-card, but she doesn’t do much online and what she does is on an old Mac, so she wasn’t really able to open/view the card.Anyhow, she wrote back and thanked me for the card nonetheless and asked how “the meeting with you’re online pals went.” So I called and, with her being busy for one reason or another, gave her my home (away from home) number with her telling me she would call tonight.

I should explain, I’m 27 and she’s older than I, so I think we’re both out of the “playing games” age/period. If I tell someone I’m going to call or something, I do unless something huge comes up. Even then, I’d prob’ly call to say I wouldn’t be able to talk much that night or whatever. 9:30 rolls around and I decide “fuck it, I’m going out” which I do, returning now and finding no message, no call.

I’m not looking for advice or really any comment, I just wanted to vent/share. Thanks.

[sub]Oh, and I met this really cute 22 year old tonight, but the friends I was with (one of whom was the cousin of this girls friend) wanted to leave before I could give her my number or get hers <sigh>[/sub]

Yeah, I figured this wasn’t about me. :wink:

You don’t want advice so I won’t offer any. IMHO, female #1 doesn’t know what she had. And female #2 doesn’t know what she missed.

Awww, thanks struuter!

[sup]It’s a brand new year and you still rock my world![/sup]

My WAG she’s probably in a relationship and, although she obviously has some feelings for you, she is either unwilling or unable to end that relationship.

Cherish what you had, but move on unless she contacts you next.

BTW you sound darling, maybe she’ll come around yet.

Why, thank you, Mermaid.