Info needed on Buffy - SPOILER WARNING

I was watching the Buffy Marathon yesterday and saw she died. I missed the episode where she came back to life.

How did she get brought back??

Willow, Xander, Tara, and Anya agreed to bring her back. They left Giles, Spike, and Dawn out of the loop. In case it didn’t work.
They went to her grave and called the Osiris to bring back the “warrior of the people.” Willow used the last known Urn of Osiris and milk of the mother—blood from the sacrifice of a fawn. She had to pass tests and a snake came out of her mouth–it was kinda gross. At the crucial moment of the resurrection though, a gang of biker demons showed up, interupted them, and smashed the urn, before the ceremony was complete.
They thought they had failed, and the demons were trying to kill them, so they ran and got seperated temporairly. In the meantine, the audience sees, that the ceremony did in fact work. Buffy wakes up in her own coffinand is forced to dig her way out.

We don’t know yet the exact consequences of having the ceremony ended prematurely…

Thanks, I figured Willow had something to do with it. In the episode I did see after her death, it seems as though Spike knows at least some of the consequences…

Well, he claims she came back wrong, and Tara tells her she just as a “cellular suntan.” (Which in my mind is a pretty big deal…I’d be upset if my cells were all fucked up.)
But we don’t know if that’s the result of simply being resurrected or if it’s a result of the resurrection spell not being completed.

Spike thinks she got brought back wrong because he can hit her and the chip doesn’t go off, like as if she was a daemon or a vampire. It was still working later, when he tried to hit another human, to proove his point.

The whole “came back wrong” thing seems to have been just dropped. As far as I know, there’s never been an explanation of why Spike could hit her without his chip going off.

As noted previously, Buffy had Tara investigate and Tara determined that Buffy came back fully human but with some slight alteration at the cellular level which was enough to confuse Spike’s chip. Spike tried to play it up for his own purposes and Buffy’s inability to accept what she was doing led her to buy into the whole “came back wrong” thing but from everything we’ve seen there hasn’t been and isn’t going to be any consequence to the “came back wrong” thing or the interruption of the ritual.