*&%@ing Bands with the ABILITY to ROCK who sell out and produce inane drivel

I submit for the jury’s disdain: Aerosmith
(Enter stage left sheepish Steven Tyler and moping Joe Perry.)

IS IT NOT TRUE, boys, that you previously offered up such classics as Dream On and Sweet Emotion? DID YOU NOT bring Walk This Way into being, collaborating with RunDMC to inspire a fresh generation with a mix of rap and rock?

Ladies and Gentlemen, i’d now like to introduce, if i might, Exhibit A.
:: plays amazin for courtroom ::

And now, bear with me here, Exhibit B.
:: plays crazy for courtroom ::

The jury may judge for itself whether this is, in fact, the same song.

Without resorting to subjecting everyone involved to Alicia Silverstone’s testimony, I hereby submit that Aerosmith is not only making its way along the cash-strewn downward spiral into POP HELL; it is doing so gleefully.

I request a sentence of return to substance abuse for all original band members.
That New Guy deserves an industrial-powered wedgie, for jumping on the bandwagon.
Failing that, i would like the opportunity to take their instruments away from them and whack their digitally-enhanced asses.

     I rest my guitar case.


I always fucking hated Aerosmith. Bunch of baboons, IMO.

Heh. SNL once did a skit where Aerosmith performs “all their greatest hits” like Crazy, Amazing, Crazy Amazing, Amazingly Crazy, Craze-mazing, et cetera.

I always liked Love in the Elevator. That was my favorite.

You forgot the third in the tri-fecta: Cryin’. My favorite “hit” from the SNL skit was “Amazing Crazy Cryin’”.

Are you accusing me of leaving out the UNFORGETTABLE Cryin?

Lemme tellya, Aerosmith not only tainted the music scene; they managed to infect the motion picture industry too. Alicia? Liv? Gorgeous, pouty, vacant. . .BELONG in music videos.

Let’s confine 'em to MTV, shall we?

I thought this was gonna be about Scandal (Featuring Patty Smythe).

Oh well.

[sub]I am the warrior.[/sub]

The best Aerosmith song ever is Rag Doll, bar none.

Aerosmith’s alleged offenses pale in comparison with the indisputable crimes against humanity committed by an “evolved, more mature” Metallica, who forsake the sound & fury of a Kill 'em All or a Ride the Lightning for pap drivel a la the head-shaking dreck of a “Black Album”.

Ah, yes. Dear Metallica.

The band’s more recent efforts caught my attention when I heard the song “Turn the Page”.

Then this ingenue was told it is a cover.

::loses interest again::


The new Gluecifer album really blows, except for one song.

Why does everything SubPop touches lately turn to shit?

I lost my virginity to “Angel,” by the way.

Aside to mothra: Hey sis!!

To all you metallica bashers out there: My favorite songs from metallica are 1. Turn the page (the aforementioned cover), Devil’s Dance (Reload), The House Jack Built (Load) and Battery (Master of puppets). Note: 3 of these songs are from thier NEWER materiel. Anything before black (except possibly For whom the bell tolls and battery) is relatively UNREFINED, UNWORTHY, OVERLY GARAGE BANDISH, SHLOCK. Bob Rock was probably the best thing to happen to mettalica. The worst would be the espousing of their views on Napster.

Aren’t the Rolling Stones still on tour? I think your guns need to be pointed in their direction.

As for Aerosmith:

Angel, Rag Doll, Janie’s Got A Gun, Sweet Emotion, I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing, Walk This Way, The Other Side, Love In An Elevator, Dude (Looks Like A Lady), and especially Dream On


Crazy and Amazing
I think their sins can be forgiven.

Oh… I love Aerosmith. I’ve been loving them for 15 years. I don’t love everything they do, but I do love them. Love the music. Almost all of it.

They’ve still got a sense of humor about things, also. And they aren’t too hard to look at, either. Seen the cover of Rolling Stone this month? Hothothot…

I don’t understand all of the choices they’ve made, but…

Joe, you out there? Call me…

*Originally posted by Mothra’s Pilot Car *
**I request a sentence of return to substance abuse for all original band members. **

Not too cool there, Mothra…

That New Guy deserves an industrial-powered wedgie, for jumping on the bandwagon.

What new guy? The keyboard dude? He’s not an official member of the band…

…i would like the opportunity to take their instruments away from them and whack their digitally-enhanced asses.

Yer going to spank Aerosmith? I volunteer to do Joe and Steven… Me me me… right here!

They do some great stuff, some good stuff, and some so-so stuff. But I guess after about 30 years, you are going to have songs fall into all of these categories. I do love to hear them rock out, though. ‘Angel’s Eye’ is a great recent song, and so is ‘Under my skin’ and ‘Light inside’.

And I’m sure absolutely none of this has anything to do with the fact that I want to be in the middle of a Joe and Steven sammich.

Mmmm, Joe Perry… whatta man.


I beg to differ here.
I bought “Kill 'em all” not too terribly long after it was released (81,82?) and went to every concert they held here in Texas until Black.
Black ,in my opinion is the point at which they got lazy,
as during that concert they played exactly 1 song all the way through, and that was the mostrous peice of SHIT entitled “Enter Sandman”. NOt wanting to be a fair weather fan , I gave them a chance, I didn’t BUY the next album, but I did listen to part of it and it was indeed a “Load”.
Of what, I never did bother to find out, at that point I removed all mecrappila from my music collection and into a box. I kept them, but only because I had all the good stuff, even the Breadfans/One single they released.

The napster bit only served to prove my point, Jason Newsted is a pawn of Tipper Gore, she sent him there to take them from the heighth of fame and a leveraged position that would have allowed more and more, heavier and heavier music to get played on the radio.

But alas it was not to be, I will not berate you for your
(lack) of musical taste, I’m sure you have many good points to make about how “refined” the cockbiters have become. They started out a garage band , and that very sound is what made them famous, not this polished ,no leads
type teeny bopper crap they spew now.
You did mention some of the better tunes they put out,and I agree with you about Battery, but they did not keep the basic (for lack of a better desciptive term) OOOMPH, that made them as big as they are, and caused us early supporters to buy all the albumns and go to the concerts.

Yes they have sold out to the corporate monsters, as the napster debacle has shown us, its sad but true.

I also agree that Aerosmith should go back to doing drugs,
they seem to just keep remaking the same albumn ever since
“Permanent Vacation”.
…and don’t even get me started on the Stones…

As soon as I saw the post, I knew this had to be about Aerosmith.

What the hell happened to them? I think Steve Perry might have more time to write a decent song if he wasn’t spending so much time at the salon getting his hair highlighted!

I cried for my youth when I saw them perform with n’sync and britney at the superbowl. I’m sure this is not the same band I saw in '79. Aliens have inhabited their bodies, turning what was once a talented rock band into a pop group spewing out gutless pap.

The love of music is relative.


In a word…


First album Pretty on the Inside was riot grrl at it’s finest.

Second album Live Through This did mellow out a little but still some classic songs.

Third album Celebrity Skin…
The same woman who howled through grinding guitar “There is no power like my pretty power” now sings “swing low sweet cherry”?

And for Aerosmith…please guys,if the well’s gone dry RETIRE!!!

Maybe we could solve the problem with a constitutional amendment limiting how many years or albums any band can release over the course of their careers.

Would solve many…MANY problems…

The Rolling Stones…Aerosmith…Metallica…U2…