Inherited a piece of land, how do I get an address?

I inherited a piece of land that was a part of a larger piece of land. Now that I own it how do I get my own address there?

Errr, build a house on it?

I don’t intend to live there, I just want a mailbox with a place to get mail there for the time being

If you are in the States, the 911 system will give you an address. I’d suggest asking at the County Tax Assessor’s office.

When I bought property I thought the Post Office assigned address numbers, but as NinetyWt said, it’s done by the 911 dispatch folks.

I work in local government. Call the county. The specific department will probably vary by state, but if you can get the county equilization or the county assessor, you’ll get the answer very quickly.

Yep. Call the County.

I work for the County GIS dept. (geographic information systems). And we assign the addresses.

But it might be the Assessor, the Building Dept, or Planning where you live.

It may be a bit tricky getting an address for vacant land. We base our addresses on the location of the driveway. If its a big piece of land, that is boardered by more than one road, we would hesitate giving an address untill we had a site plan for a house.

I’m also guessing that without a house the USPS might not deliver.

My uncle had to go through the local postmaster to get an address a few years ago. If a piece of mail shows up and the post office has no slot for that particular address, the mail is returned to the sender.

A couple of years ago, my office moved into a large building that was built twenty years ago, but never used and never registered with the post office.

We did all the renovations, put up big gold letters spelling out the office name, notified everyone that we moved, and waited for the mail. And waited. And waited. After a week, we went to the Post Office and were told that “the building has never been registered with the post office.” We had a bagful of “undeliverable mail” waiting, and some forms to fill out.

If you have the lot and block number of the land, check with the tax assessor. It’s better to go in person.


Some places are better than others at coordinating addresses. Our county equilization has been working on cleaning up the addresses in the area; I think 911 has been a motivating factor in that. Regardless, it’s not that unusual to have a property have one address on the tax rolls and another with the post office. Before equilization cleaned up our addresses, we has many properties with several defunct adress numbers. It can be confusing at times.

But, in line with the rest of the thread, check with the county and you’ll be pointed in the right direction.

We don’t get mail delivery in this county. So proper addressing was not a priority in the past. The county was small enough, that the good old boys new their way around well enough.

Thats changed. Lots of lost tourists and pizza deliveries. Not to mention the need for proper 911 response.

Anyway, many moons ago, we allowed a BIG new developement to assign their own addresses. What a mess. There are a number of condo buildings that they assigned each floor there own street address. Not unit numbers mind you.

The first floor might have an address of 900.

The second floor? 9000.

Third? 90,000


The next building down the road would have to take an address of 90,002. So the address range would jump from 900 to 90,002 from one building to the next. They where in the millions before the road finaly ran out.