'Injecting marijuanas' meme

Most of us have probably seen the memes showing the evils of ‘injecting marijuanas’. (It just occurred to me that I haven’t had one of those pop on on Facebook for a couple of years now.) The memes had a quasi-legitimate sounding name for the origin of the photo. Something along the lines of ‘Christians Against Drugs’ or similar. Of course the jokes were that A) The photos were fake; and B) That Conservatives are really credulous.

So here’s the question: What was the actual name of the organisation in these memes?

This one has the Ad Council logo, but of course it’s not really.

The ‘sources’ at the bottom of the memes I’ve seen have been ‘concerned grassroots organisation’ names, like ‘Christians Against Drugs’ or ‘Concerned Citizens to Elect Bob Schmenge’. That sort of format. The thing is, there was one ‘group’ whose name appeared in virtually all of these I’ve seen ad I can’t find it now.

When I hear “injecting marijuana” I think of the posters for the 1936 “Marihuana” movie.

Don’t dance with the Devil’s spinach.