"Ink" film, a pleasant low-budget indie surprise

I tossed it into our netflix streaming queue last night, and after some initial doubts and fears that it was going to be some sort of religious flic, they started cussing and I relaxed to find myself enjoying it quite a bit. My better half woke up and got sucked in about half way through as well.

Sci-fi/Fantasy folks looking for something new and different should check it out.


Yeah, I caught that movie a few days ago. Surprisingly good, actually- but I did twig to the twist at the end.

I figured out fairly early on that Ink was the father, somehow, especially once it was mentioned that time worked differently for them.

The bad guys were delightfully creepy.

By the way- also on Netflix, I can recommend Ping Pong Playa and The Man from Earth.

The Man From Earth is one of the best movies I have ever seen.

Damn! I was still waiting for this to come out in the theaters lol. I guess I’ll have to be satisfied with the DVD.