Ink Master and Face Off / Same But Different

So I’ve been watching Ink Master on Spike Network since season 1, as well as* Face Off* on Syfy since season 1. I love both shows for what they are, as I am fascinated by the make up artist industry and being an artist myself, I am in awe at what tattoo artists can do on the human body. But anyway, on to my point…

In my opinion, these shows are remarkably similar and yet different as well. They both have a group of contestants who are faced with a particular challenge for each episode. Both shows have a host and a group of expert judges. Both shows have the contestants staying together in a house of some sort during the competition. The format for each episode is roughly the same for both shows as well.

The big thing that I find interesting is the way the contestants interact with each other. On Face Off, they all get along well and even help each other at times, with genuine interest in trying to help each other succeed. They are also sad and emotional when one of them gets eliminated from the show. They are like a big family.

Ink Master, however, has the contestants fighting and cussing almost every episode, talking smack about each other and never really trying to help each other, unless it may benefit both players together.

It’s as if they are trying to make tattoo artists out to be total jerks and makeup artists out to be friendly sensitive weirdos. I don’t know, it just seems odd to me how the 2 shows are so similar yet portrayed so differently.

What do you guys think?

It’s the same format for almost every competition show. Project Runway, Top Chef, etc.

That may be true, but I was only referring to those 2 because I actually watch them. I don’t watch Project Runway, Top Chef etc.

My friend was over doing a tattoo for me a few weeks ago. He does them independently now because he wasn’t making enough money at shops. He’s been tattooing for at least 10, maybe 15 years. He didn’t seem to have anything good to say about anyone else he worked with over those years. And he’s a pretty affable guy.

I can’t speak for costume makeup designers. Don’t know any.

I wonder if the difference is that tattoo artists can be very, very solo. They have little need for outside input or help. It’s an intimate thing between the artist and the customer. Costume artists will need to lean on others much more often and work as a part of a group to make something for “the public.” So they have to get along.

Good point Zipp. Thanks for the comment.