Insane but convincing Film theory- Home Alone

I was blown away by this insane (her own words) but convincing alternate Film Theory on* Home Alone.*

I love it! Someone should make a “Sixth Sense”-style “the clues were there all along” ending/reveal segment for the movie. :slight_smile:

I agree it is insane, but… convincing?

This is up there with Jar Jar Binks is a Sith Lord, in fact I think that’s more convincing.

I’m pretty sure Kevin goes to an actual grocery store and buys stuff during the movie.

Not bad, but a better theory is that Kevin gows up to be Jigsaw.

I hate to be a kill-joy, but I like it just the way it is, a silly but very warm comedy that teaches a young boy as well as the rest of his family the true value of family.

Not mentioned in that list of unbelievables is a big one:

Why doesn’t Kevin’s mom call the police or other town officials to let them know her little boy is home alone and to go get him? Unless some reason is mentioned in the movie and I’m missing something. I think I remember that the phones were out in Kevin’s block.

IIRC she does, a cop shows up to the house, knocks on the door, checks all the windows, and says it looks like nobody has been living in there.

I also went looking for that article after reading xkcd, and I think it’s fun and cute, but extremely silly and not remotely convincing.

Harry and Marv making it through a barrage of booby traps without incurring any real bodily harm means that they’re part of the comedy relief of a kids movie that’s never going to show people seriously injured, not demons.

Plus, Kevin knows the burglars masquerade as cops, so there’s no way in Hell he’d trust the police. He’s afraid of them, which is also why he never calls for their help.

I agree, but that theory was fun, IMHO.

Hmmm…maybe the entire family is dead! wooooooo!

Maybe Kevin is dead but the burglars are real.

(I’ve never seen the film.)

There’s two explanations for the very poorly thought out article linked in the OP:

  1. The writer has not seen HA at all or at least not in quite some time. Certainly did not watch it after coming up with this “theory”. As noted, Keven goes shopping and talks to clerks, including harding one a coupon.

There’d have to too many folk who are either also dead or have no issue talking to a dead kid. You may as well argue that Rick, Ilsa, Victor, Renault, etc. are all dead in Casablanca.

  1. There was a deadline for her next clickbait article.

While the latter makes the most sense, there’s all too many people out there who can barely remember anything about any movie they’ve ever seen to rule out the former.

OMG you can buy a whole cart of groceries for under $20! Now I know this movie exists in a magical realm of unrealness.

For what he bought, in 1990, that amount doesn’t seem odd to me. It’s about $39 today, and he doesn’t really have anything resembling a cartful of groceries there. Milk, toilet paper, Wonder bread, some frozen meals, toilet paper, orange juice, Saran Wrap, some laundry detergent. Might even be on the high side. If anything, it just seems like an odd selection of items for someone to buy while his folks are on vacation.

This is also true in other movies.

You’d expect a kid in his situation to come up with an odd grocery list, between the temptations of being a kid getting his own way, the attempts at maturity and being the “man of the house”, and the lack of experience at homemaking and grocery shopping.

I mean, mom and dad didn’t have enough laundry detergent around? Or saran wrap or toilet paper? I mean, I understand wanting to experience “adulting,” but that just seems like an odd choice. Never in a million years would those choices occur to me as a kid Kevin’s age in the movie.

Hm, I see your point. He had a big family; however long a time they originally had toilet paper stocked up for, it would last Kevin by himself a much longer time: Unlikely that they were so close to running out right at that moment that he’d need to go out and get more. And they might have deliberately run out of perishables like milk right before going on a trip, but detergent and toilet paper last forever.

Maybe he just didn’t know where the reserve supply was stored in the house? I dunno.

He was buying things he had coupons for, before they expired.