Insane Plane Blueprints

Some of these are pretty funny, thought people might get a kick out of a design for a flying chili pepper…

People are actually going to be piloting these contraptions at a competition in Texas later this month, leave it to Texans to try and fly a jalapeno.

Well, I dunno much about ‘flugtag’, but it sounds similar to the Britsh ‘Birdman’ competitions held in the summer here in UK. People jump off Bognor Pier (and other piers around the coast) while dressed in various aeroplane-like costumes, the majority of which have no chance in ‘flying’ anywhere, but there are some serious entries as there is prize money involved. I believe there are different categories - Distance achieved, Style of entry into the water, Total Stupidity of Design, that kinda thing.

Insane in the airframe/
Insane in the Plane!

[/Beastie Boys]

That’s what you get for not logging out on my 'puter…

snigger of evil from terrible wife

No wonder your coding didn’t work, shouldn’t that by [/Cypress Hill]? :wink:


I think the winner gets REAL flying lessons, or $7500 cash, which is not bad for crashing into the water. I was actually thinking about entering the one in Chicago, but can’t seem to come up with anything to try and fly.