Insaneaquarium Deluxe: a Critique

As I’m sure anyone who has ever played Pop Cap Games’ Insaneaquarium knows, they’ve been working on a downloadable Deluxe version for some time now. They promised all sorts of nifty graphics, new tanks, and a neat “virtual fish tank” to tend and make into screensavers. Yesterday I got the long-awated email pronouncing its completion and readiness for play. With baited breath I downloaded the file (it was quite large taking well over a minute on my cable modem)(had I mentioned I got the cable modem and my new, very-fast, and highly awesome computer in a large part just to be able to play Insaneaquarium without all the fish jerking around the screen during their feeding frenzies?) and installed the game. And there was a reason it was so big, it was loaded with cool new stuff! I couldn’t wait to play it, get fully addicted, and shell out the $19.95 to buy. Except, there was one huge problem. Let my letter to tech support explain:

So you see my dilemma. There is no way I’m paying them money for this if all they give is one measly hour of play time. How do I know if the other tanks are any good? How do I know if the virtual tank is gonna be fun if it takes a week for the fish to grow, as stated in the help? Please Insaneaquarium-loving dopers, unite with me. My email alone will be ignored, but many together may convince these people to give us a longer demo time! I would even be happy with a $5 trial month, especially if the $5 was taken off the price of the game once purchased. You must all download this game and then write firm emails to Pop Cap Games telling them just how wrong they are and how many more people will buy this game with a longer trial period. Or, you can just write the firm email. Or you can ignore me and go have an actual life. :smiley:

But I’d rather you do the email thing.

Or we could get a Doper to take one for the team, pay for it, and tell the rest of us if it’s worth it.

Not it!

I paid for it a couple of days ago. As you saw in your hour, the first two tanks are more or less like the original game but with better graphics. There are a few other tweaks but they’re not even worth mentioning other than that there is a bonus level between each tank where you collect money for the virtual tank.

The two new tanks are better, and harder, than the first two. I don’t want to give anything away but if you like the first two, you will like this. There are new fish types which make things a bit more challanging to get to the end and harder aliens to fight. There are also new friends to use but I always ended up making my three choices from the old guys (usually whale, octopus and mermaid.)

After you finish the fourth tank, there is a “final boss” level which is very tough. I haven’t beaten it yet. You need to finish this before you can play the Challange Game.

I haven’t even looked at the virtual tank yet so I can’t help you there.


It’s out? Finally! runs to download

An hour trial is pretty standard for most games, but you’re right, sometimes it isn’t anywhere near enough. This is one of the few games I’m seriously considering plunking down the money for. But you have to see the extras before you know if they’re worth paying for, since from what you’ve described, you get to finish the online game before time runs out and that’s probably about it.