Insanely great invention - the portable port-a-potty

How come nobody thought of this before? Supply your own 5 gallon bucket and kitty litter (optional seat for the ladies), and you have it made at tailgating, camping, the beach, whatever.

Why buy one? Just go to an appliance store and ask for a fridge box.

But you can’t just leave it there, right? Who wants to put that bucket in the trunk and cart if off at the end of the day?

Also, seriously! You’d have to be an idiot to BUY one. Just follow their instructions and make your own!

If you’re a male, you could just pee on the ground. Bucket and kitty litter unnecessary. Just wait for rain.

This looks like a much better approach:

Disposable toilet bag for developing world

Bring the lid and a hammer. Pop the lid down. Nothing will come out.

Still, its a good idea. Though you’ll have to be very stern about not letting too many people use it. 5 gallons seems like a lot, but thats really only good for a couple dozen trips at most.

Right but, I think the crux of the buiscuit is the low tech and low or no cost enclosure idea. Sometimes the urge to drop a duce is overwhelming and some folks are shy about taking care of buiseness in a crowd.

The instructions say to line the bucket with a drawstring trash bag, and put the kitty litter in that (and to repeat the process a few times, so as you take one bag out, the next is already in place).

None of those things are included, though. All they are actually selling is a big cardboard box.

It also says to use 2 cups of litter per bag. Seriously? My cats use more litter per visit than that.

OK, and then what? You’ve got a bucket full of shit that presumably, you would like to use again. Do you think you can flush it down the toilet? Even absent the kitty litter, I think a major clog is highly likely. Of course you’ll never get it all in one go, so have fun. It’s like pumping a septic system inside your own house.

I suppose you could just call the bucket a loss, but with the trash collector take it, or will you have to visit a local dumpster at 3:00 AM?

We actually had something like this when we went down the grand canyon. There was some type of powder you were supposed to sprinkle on top after each use. Of course it was for #2 only. I never did ask the guides the specifics on who got to empty them. We pretty much never saw them again.

Who needs a box?

The website says it’s for #1 only.

In the exciting world of construction, before the plumbing is in and port o’ potties are on site ( if ever, in remote locations) it is common for contractors to take a 5 gallon bucket and scoop some sand/dirt into the bottom, do their business in it and then at the end of the day toss it/bury it in the corner of the yard.
Done it myself on my own property before the plumbing was in.

Did they have you dump in an big ammo box fitted with a toilet seat like they did for our trip down the Colorado?

That’s what I did, rafting down the Green River.

There was a big plastic trash bag inside the ammo box, though. No point in making needless work.

I don’t know about you, but I never plan on re-using my shit.

If you’ve taught your cats to use a drawstring trash bag you’re cleverer than I.