Insider Scoop Theatre

This just in from CNN’s late-breaking development homepage:

“Only on CNN”

“Military boots vital linguists – they’re gay.”

Gee, when did you figure THAT one out, johnny-on-the-spot? :rolleyes:

C’mon! Who knew gays could be useful if you weren’t in need of a haircut?

Is there something risque in this context about the word “linguist”? Or is it just me?

I think the surprise here is that there’s any surprise here. That the military has been letting Arabic linguists go because they were gay has been out there for years, and CNN says this is “breaking news”?

Well, they didn’t come out and say that. They just filed it under “Only on CNN”. Sure, only that article maybe.

It’s news to me. Is this a generallized policy of releasing gays or does it have specifically to do with the Arabic focus in some way?

Generalized policy that happened to disproportionately affect Arabic translators. Which points to a specific way in which the policy is harming our war effort, since we are currently lacking enough Arabic translators.

Don’t know about vital linguists, but military boots? :dubious: I’d have thought that they were rather butch.

Maybe they have to be cunning?

I guess if they were that cunning, they wouldn’t have been kicked out, would they?

Cunning linguists?

Say it out loud a few times. You’ll get it.