Anyone else seen this one? It opened on Friday, and it’s a haunted house film made by the people behind Saw and Paranormal Activity. I’ll say this much - If you hate horror movies that run on cheap pops of weird noises and stuff jumping out at random times then you’ll definately hate this one, but if you like jumping out of your seat yelling “Oh shit!” and creepy ghost stuff then this one is awesome. It’s a nice blend of the types of scares that you get from Paranormal Activity combined with the pacing of one of the Saw movies. You don’t sit waiting for a half hour for something to happen, it starts out slow and then just goes insane. There’s nothing really bad in it, it managed a PG-13 rating, but there’s plenty in film to fuel a few nightmares at the same time. Like most horror films it establishes an awesome idea and then kind of limps into the finish but there’s more of a plot than it seems at first glance. The special effects are first rate, the only real falter in this area is the demon looks startlingly like Darth Maul, but then again Darth Maul pretty much looked like a demon, so you can’t get too carried away, but you’ll definately say “is that Darth Maul?”

Anyway, it’s cheap thrills and a lot of fun if you can let yourself get spooked. I saw this Saturday night in a theatre full of high school kids and half way through about 10 people had gotten up and left, but not because it sucked, because their dates were crying and asking to leave, which is an accomplishment in and of itself. It might not be worth a full price ticket, but if you can matinee it or catch it at the discount theatres in a few weeks it’s worth seeing on the big screen just thanks to the surround sound and the size of the screen to catch everything.

I saw it during it’s opening night at The Toronto International film festival during midnight madness. I’m not a horror movie person but I thought the movie was scary. After the movie the director and actors came out and talked about it and the little boy actor wasn’t allowed to see the film. That was cute he was backstage waiting for it to be over. But I was happy to see it be mass released. I thought the demon around the boy to be disturbing.

I saw it tonight and it scared the hell out of me.

Spoilers: I enjoyed that they didn’t make the wife idiotic, although I thought the husband got what was coming for him; he was an idiot. He was told to get in and out. He should have listened.

I saw this last night. I thought is creepy and effective. The scene with the face at the kitchen table in broad daylight got me to jump.

I like that there wasn’t a happy ending. (happy, meaning 'thank God that’s over!)