"Inspirational" musical theme in movie trailers

Hey there everyone - not sure if this should go in GQ or here, but I figured I’d try here first.

There’s an orchestral theme that is very frequently used in movie trailers (although I don’t think I’ve ever heard it used in an actual movie.) I most recently heard it in a trailer for “Seabiscuit” (I think it was), but it seems to be the de jure choice of background music for trailers and advertisements for one-man/woman’s-inspiring-struggle-against-impossible-odds type movies.

Transposing it into C major (I hope I got these right), the notes of the theme are

E D E G | E D E C | E D E G | C+ B A :expressionless:

where every note is a quarter note (q.n. = about M.M. 160) except for the last one, which is a half note. By C+ I mean the C one octave above the C in the second bar.

I’ve heard this piece enough that it’s started to really bug me. Does anyone know what it’s called and who composed it?

It’s from Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story by Randy Edelman. Click here and play Track 9 for a listen.

That’s the one - many thanks. Ain’t the Internet great?

Yeah, well I have to thank my whistling skills more than the Internet, truth be told. :wink:

Welcome to the SDMB, btw. :slight_smile: