Inspired by the Dope to...

I’m pretty new around here, and already the Dope has inspired me to do something good. One of the first threads I participated in asked “What have you done that’s green” (which I can’t seem to locate now). I sheepishly admitted that I drove the measly 4.5 miles to work. Even though I drive a hybrid, that’s still kind of wasteful. I’m an able-bodied 34-year-old, for chrissake! Why was I not biking to work?

So, I finally got off my lazy ass and bought a bicycle last weekend. Earlier this week, I went on a few practice runs, which convinced me of two things: 1) I wasn’t as out-of-shape as I had feared; and 2) Cincinnati is very hilly. In spite of fact 2, I hopped on the bike this morning and made my first zero-carbon commute. That felt good.

So, that’s my story of trying to live up to the standards of my new pals on the Dope. What has the Dope inspired you to do?

It’d be nice to bike to work, I suppose, but I’m a little more interested in not being run over. (And in South Florida, it seems like a distinct possibility.)

Incidentally, I found this poster on Environmental Impact to be very eye opening. (And a little depressing.)

I too only commute 5 miles to work. I’ve been moaning that I need more exercise as well!

They are currently building a cyle path along the only really busy stretch of road, so once that’s sorted in 6 wks I will aim to cycle at least twice a week into work.

Hopefully that’ll increase to 5 days, but don’t want to be too gung-ho to start with!

Can I ask how long your 4.5 miles took you this morning?

My work filter is blocking that. Can you describe it?

About 35 minutes. By car, it takes 20 minutes, with stop lights, so it’s not too much longer by bike. I hope to cut down on the time as I get stronger. It’s mostly uphill on the way to work, and downhill on the way back, so coming in takes longer.

See, it takes me at least 40 mins in the morning due to traffic congestion, so I think it will work out pretty well.

The only thing I don’t like is biking the rain - but I get some decent waterproofs will see off a shower, and I can use the car if it looks like it’s going to chuck down.

I miss the bicycle ride to work but when it was time for us to buy a house I was able to realize my dream of a place in the country. Earlier this year I purchased a used Buell Blast whose 62mpg allows me to commute almost guilt free.

The Dope inspired me to join, not a customary thing in my life. I realized that there was indeed a global community of people whose opinoins I respected and wanted to be a part of. The drunken pictures were admittedly a tipping point :slight_smile:

I am really proud of you! I hope to implement this lovely idea some day when I live a short distance from work. Really excellent.

Try this copy I made of it