Installed XP ServicePack 2, now no USB ports

Here at work we’re running Windows XP and yesterday the computer maintanence guy realized that for whatever reason Service Pack 2 hadn’t been installed. We went ahead and installed it, and now none of the USB ports are working.

Has this happened to anyone else? Any suggestions on how to fix this? Is it possible (more to the point, is it plausible) that this is just a really random coincidence of hardware failure at the same time as a software change?

Failing that, does anybody have a list of keyboard commands that will let me keep working with a minimum of interference?

And yes, the maintenance guy has been called, but it’s his kid’s graduation or school play or somesuch, so it’ll be a little while before he gets back to us.

Well keyboard shortcut list here (that’s just from a quick search).

When you say none of the USB ports are working do you mean that no ports are working on any computer? Or did you just update one and none of it’s oorts work? Have you tried different things in the ports or just the mouse? (Sorry if these are stupid questions).

It’s unlikely to be unrelated and I dimly recall a USB glitch in SP2 (I’m sure SP2 changes the USB handling, could be wrong). Hmmm, yes, here is the Microsoft page about it.

I recommend you ensure that the machine has the lastest updates from Microsoft (if it didn’t have SP2 then it probably didn’t have any, make sure it has all of them). Then you might need to worry about viruses etc depending how you’re linked to the internet.

See if that all helps,


None of hte USB ports on that one machine work. It was the only one we updated. I’ve tested all the ports with a mouse and memory stick which both work on other machines and don’t do anything at all (and aren’t even recognized as existing).

Good suggestions. And of course, right after my OP, I thought to Google “windows keyboard commands” and found the same link you pointed me to.