Installing a Ceiling Fan

My bedroom has vaulted ceilings. There’s no attic and no current overhead light fixture or fan. I’ve reached out to my handyman to see if he can install a fan, but it seems like mine is certainly not an ideal scenario… Is this a relatively simple operation or should I just stick with my floor fan?

It would be simple if you did have a light fixture.

Otherwise, it’s very dependent on the exact setup. Wires will have to be run to that location and possible to a switch. This could be a few holes in drywall that wire can be pulled through, or sections of wall taken out to run conduit, depending on local code and accessibility.

At a minimum, it would be patching up various holes and repainting.

It can be done, but it may not be simple. You’ll need to make sure you find a fan with an extendable arm, because it will have to hang much lower than a typical fan (to clear the slope of the ceiling.) You’ll also need to hire an electrician to do the wiring in the proper way; usually you’ll want to find a nearby outlet that you can wire off of, but it obviously depends on layout and what obstructions there will be on the way to the ceiling.

My suggestion would be to get an estimate to find out how much the wiring would cost. Once that’s in place, installing the fan is pretty simple.

You might need surface wiring to power it, and it will have to be the type that hangs down a ways from the ceiling to have clearance for the blades, and in anything but a flat ceiling the fan may tend to shake when it runs because of the turbulence created. So it sounds like a lot of work for a result you may not like in the end.

Look up oscillating wall-mount fans.

They use a standard plug, but might provide you the whole-room circulation you desire.

running wires in the ceiling would take some doing and be complicated by insulation. surface mount wiring is a possibility, see if you want to have that to look at. it would need an extension rod to hang down low enough, this might not look bad in a living room but could look bad in a bedroom.

floor standing fans might work if you aimed them.

Surface wiring - fairly minor job, but you will have visible conduit (decorative) running up the wall (likely from an existing power outlet) to a switch, then to the ceiling, and across the ceiling to the fan.

In wall wiring - bigger job, would involve drywall punctures if not large sections of drywall removal and replacement (patching and repainting, etc.). All depends on where you want the switch (assuming you want a wall switch) relative to power already in the room (outlets), and which way the roof runs relative to the wall where the switch is located.