Installing electronic lock on a safe

I just bought a Stack-On gun safe. It has a combination lock, of the funny type which I can’t remember the name of. When the correct numbers are dialed in, the wheels line up and create a space for the bolt(?) to slide in when the handle is turned.

What is the name of this combo lock, and is it possible to replace this with an electronic combination lock?

KABA/MAS? Sargent & Greenleaf? Personally, I’ll take a well made mechanical combination lock over an electronic any day, excepting those situations where ultra-high security requires a lock with algorithmic combination generation.

The locksmith I called suggested a KABA. However, he wanted $400 for the whole job, which is almost what the safe cost. The next guy I called said they couldn’t do that, but he was vague about whether Stack-On safes could be fitted with an after-market electronic lock or whether just his shop wouldn’t do it.

I’m quite handy with locks, and could do the install myself, but I was hoping that I could get some guidance on a particular lock to look out for on eBay or something, specifically what kind I need (I’m pretty sure I need a spring-latch lock to replace this type of combo lock).

As far as the current one goes, I’m not sure about its ‘trustiness’. By the feel of it, I think it could be easily manipulated if someone halfway knew what they were about.

Sorry for the stream-of-conciousness typing, but it just occurred to me that I might rather have a nice mechanical combo lock…

back to eBay…

$400 for a KABA MS52R with installation isn’t unreasonable. S&G 8400 or 8500 are both good choices for a top shelf UL group 1 or 1R lock. For a little less money, LaGard has offerings, but S&G is still the Cadillac of mechanical locks.

Having said this, there’s a correlation between the lock and the cabinet, e.g. putting a group 1 lock on a cabinet which would easily fail under physical attack is a waste of money, and affords a false sense of security.

Before we chat much further and give the Mods agita, how about you email me personally, and I’ll be happy to discuss this topic at length. :wink: