Installing NVidia Sound Drivers

I have an Asus-A7N8X Deluxe Motherboard. It has onboard audio and uses the NVidia Sound Drivers. I downloaded the Sound Drivers from the NVidia web site, but there is no install utility included, just the drivers themselves. How do I go about installing these drivers? Thanks in advance.

Assuming you have XP, right-click on My Computer. Pick Properties, then the Hardware tab, Click on device manager -> Sound, Video and Game Controllers, and select your sound card. (Look for NVidia audio device or something similar, not the codec or legacy entries). Right click on your device, select Update Driver. Do not auto-search on the internet, and choose to manually install a specific driver. Use the browse button to find the folder you saved it in.

Some of these steps will vary depending on the version and service pack of Windows you have. But the general idea is right for anything Windows 2000 and newer.

Good luck, let us know if you get stuck.

Is it this entry: NVIDIA® nForce™ MCP Audio Processing Unit?

Most likely…

When you select the driver, it will tell you if it is not the correct driver for that device. It’s generally best to take that advice rather than install it anyway.

Actually, I’m sure it is the right device. I am on a different PC now, and it has the Nvidia chipset and that is the name of my sound device.