Instead of "New Posts" or "Today's Posts", how about "New Threads"?

A useful feature on the message board would be where instead of looking up “New Posts”, or “Today’s Posts”, I can call up “New Threads”. I don’t see any way to do this at this time.

It’s not included in the default vBulletin options, but you can click on this link to return new threads:

New Threads


Bravo! How do I access this link when I’m not in this particular post?

In Opera and Firefox, right click, bookmark link.

In Chrome, drag link to the bookmark bar on top (right under the url bar).


Actually, I see that what it pulled up is all new threads with zero replies. Which is good, but too limited. I guess what I really would like is “all new threads which were begun since my last visit, including ones with posted replies”. Is there any way to do this?

Other parameters will time-out or result in a database error.

There’s also the RSS feed.

Right! That’s the better way to do it.