"Insulting a mod gets you kicked out of the thread" ?

The title quote was IvoryTowerDenizen’s response (in post #24 in this thread) to the following comment:

I think it’s a reach to view this an insult worthy of booting someone out of a thread.

In my opinion as a moderator, he was lucky to avoid a warning. He also violated the rule against disputing moderator instructions outside ATMB. He certainly deserved a note for the insult.

I opted to remove him from the thread because it was clear he wasn’t interested in meaningful participation, but to make fun and be insulting. I could have issued a warning for his comment to me, but decided the best course was to tell him to leave, since while he obviously was not interested in productive participation but the comment wasn’t so egregious. It was still a rude response to a Mod note.

Mod notes, warnings, topic bans, thread bans and the like are all tools we have to make sure threads swim along in a reasonable way. In this case, his sole contribution to the thread was a lame joke and arguing and insulting a mod.

Disagree. Thread boots are milder than warnings IMHO. Commentary on mod actions belong in ATMB. Methinks the mod showed leniency, though not inappropriate leniency.

Although can we discuss the original … not note but sort of?

Darren Garrison’s post was snarky and humorous but it was, ISTM, meaningful participation.

If he had stated simply that he thought the op was engaging in unfounded stereotyping that was not based on reality then it would have been allowed as meaningful participation. He made that point in that post by sarcasm.

Is sarcastic humor as the means of response NOT acceptable SD culture?

(His point being correct or not is immaterial.)

There was no indication his comment was a satirical joke meant to cast a light on the quality of the OP, or really a joke at all. He claimed it was a joke after receiving a mod note that was a general direction to stay clear of posts that play into ethnic stereotypes. Joke or not, that’s what his post did.

I can buy he thought he was being funny by complimenting an over the top offensive stereotype post, but I don’t buy it was meaningful commentary on the foolishness of the OP.

Frankly, I thought I was making the first of very few snarky comments before the thread was instantly closed as soon as a mod saw it. The thread was obviously started only so that the OP could post pix of “hot girls” and make extreme sweeping generalizations about them and I’m shocked that it was allowed to remain open. A thread will get a mod note because someone states that they thought that Nikki Haley was “hot” so I’m shocked that that purely prurient and gratuitous one was left open.

(As for being “insulting”, that is what I thought of you thinking that I seriously thought that Asians were 30% tapeworms by body weight, and therefore doing racial stereotyping–which is exactly what the OP was doing, BTW.)

Huh. I had read it that way (as a comment based on his perception that the op was foolish stereotyping, good-naturedly mocking it some) and laughed when I read it. I suspect Ulfreida’s “best post” comment, which you also mentioned, was also interpreting it that way.

Obviously a joke that landed flat on you …

I gave the thread a chance. The mod notes I added have been respected and an interesting discussion ensued about general differences among different ethnicities. I did not see it as just an excuse to post girly picks. The straw man comparison to the Nikki Haley thread is a nonstarter.

Second, your motivation for making your insulting comment is irrelevant. Your comment “the best answer” did not read as a joke comment. Not that you agreed with the comment but that you thought the comment was “the best” (the funniest, as I read it). I said that it was not the best, as in “ethnic jabs are not the best answer”. Context of the Mod note is actually relevent.

However, even IF I thought you meant it as total agreement, arguing in thread and insulting me was not the right choice.

Regretting giving you the benefit of the doubt and cutting you slack, now.

Joke or not, the point was to prevent the thread from devolving into ethnic comments (jokes or otherwise), as my Mod note stated. How I perceived it as a joke is irrelevant. I was managing the thread direction not giving it a four star review for humor.

And joke or not, arguing with and insulting a mod is never the right course.

Now you are conflating two separate posts by two separate posters. I made the original comment, somebody else made the “best post” comment. And you can say that comparing the girly photos allowed to the Nikki Haley case is a straw man if you wish, I still see it as wildly inconsistent moderating.

Yet hot girls pix notwithstanding the op’s observation actually DOES have some factual basis. There is a strong (even stronger than current American and of longer history) standard for female beauty in many Asian cultures that is extreme thin not athletic or curvy and it is true that Asian females tend to have less muscle mass at normal to low normal BMIs than do White females.

IMHO, the op could/should have been made with asking if it is true rather than using those pictures as “evidence”, and the manner of the op begged to be made fun of … but the question itself is not pure stereotype.

ITD, oh agreed that the arguing with instructions in thread (rather than bringing it here) was dealt with, if anything, gently.

Yup, got that flipped. I didn’t go back and double check who said which, which lead to that error.

Nevertheless everything I say stands. Making the ethnically stereotyping joke is as bad as labeling it “the best”.

Joke or serious, I was announcing to everyone that ethnic stereotypes and *voyeuristic comments *were bright line no-nos in that thread. I’m not sure why that’s not clear, but I hope now it is. I was giving mod direction for having a successful thread.

And, arguing in the thread and insulting a mod are not ok no matter what. That’s all on you.

I agree completely. The OP was dopey, but there was something there to discuss that was not pure stereotype. I think giving firm instructions and trying was better than just closing it immediately. I think most people want good discussions and gave everyone the chance to do it.

And–you will note–I haven’t complained about the being kicked off the thread, or started the ATMB thread (nor would I have started one.) Nor would I have complained about a warning if it got one. I’m noting the inconsistent moderating of “mysogy” here.

Ok, but the topic of this thread is about being kicked out, and I wanted to make that clear.

If you want to debate the consistency of mysogeny modding, that may be better suited to a new thread with an OP that has illustrative links and a descriptive title. Serious suggestion- no snark intended.

Mod should have banned everyone in the thread. There was a time when a Mod would ban everyone on the board for such temerity…

“But ya fuck one goat…”

Anyone who knows Darrern knows he’s a jokester, and he’s usually a pretty good one. It would be difficult to inerporet his first post as anything but satirical. But his reply to ITD afterwards was out of line, and I think he’s knows that.

Having said that, I’ll just add that I’m A-OK with closing that type of thread right off the bat. Maybe tell the OP to PM a mod if he wants to argue his case for re-opening the thread if it’s felt he needs a second chance.

Once again, my mod note was to inform the participants that posts (jokes or otherwise) that rely on ethnic stereotyping are not ok.

I’m not sure why the assumption was I didn’t get that the first post was a joke. The joke status was just irrelevant.

I mentioned the “best answer” post (which I misattributed to Darren) I didn’t think was a joke (ie the poster did think that joking post was the best answer for whatever reason). Perhaps that’s some of the confusion.

That Darren is a known jokester is irrelevant (and I know). The point was ethnic jokes was not ok.