insurance for small businesses who vend at events

My online shop sales are pretty low so far (open 2.5 months) so I have decided to help get my name out there by taking some merchandise to local events. One that I’ve identified is a “world of pets expo” that is a huge event and claims to be a great place to get lots of sales. Their vendor application says they require your business insurance to have offsite coverage (meaning, outside of your brick and mortar normal business). Also they want to be named as a covered entity on that coverage for the time period of the event.

They do suggest an insurance carrier that offers this extra short term coverage. It’s the same stuff you buy for things like participating in a sporting event; it covers you for any damage or injury and indemnifies the organizer against liability. No problem with that. Been doing a cursory browsing for standard business insurance and I don’t see this kind of thing mentioned as an add-on.

Has anybody vended at a large event like this and had to do this kind of insurance coverage who can explain it more?

Talk to your insurer, this kinda stuff is very common, depending on your existing insurance your agent may be able to generate the paperwork in question in a few minutes. If you do not already have insurance for your biz its a little more work.

ETA there is very little “standard” about business insurance, they are as different as the businesses they cover.

I have needed an identical-sounding policy for attending other tradeshows for display/promotion purposes. With my insurance carrier it’s free, but I do have to call and ask them. My agent writes up a little one-page rider statement that I provide to the event organizers.

Someone else who attended one of those events said they paid $50 to get coverage for the weekend event because they didn’t have regular business insurance.

I encourage business owners to get friendly with their insurance agents. There are so many variables that the two of you need a good relationship to make sure you’re asking the right questions and getting the right coverage. (My agent is on what I call our “cookie list” - my wife sometimes makes cookies or cupcakes and takes them around to various local clients and vendors. It’s amazing the kind of service you get at the bank when all the tellers remember you for the Valentine’s cupcakes.)

Thanks, yes that’s exactly what I’m talking about. I haven’t bought business owners insurance yet but need to get off my butt and do it. It seems like most assume you have a brick and mortar store and still want to cover your building, auto, workman’s comp, etc. I’m okay with covering the little bit of my home that I operate the business in, but don’t need to cover an entire building. Just need to do it face to face or with a phone call instead of online, I guess.