Intellectuals' "status games"

I start this thread in recognition of Cervaise, who used the term “status games” in an MPSIMS thread about vindication against parents.
I have been a member of Mensa for some time. A young woman I know wanted to take the qualifying test, so I drove her to the test site. Just before the test period began, another Mensa group at the site was just about to leave. This arrogant Mensan (I’ll call him Walter) spoke to the young woman, young enough to be his daughter, privately.
She later told me he had suggested she could qualify by granting sexual favors to a psychologist, who would then write a letter to Mensa recommending her. Such arrogant chutzpah!
It’s just as well I wasn’t present when Walter said that; I’d have had a good mind to knock him through a window, or at least urge her to sue him, assuming there is a legal theory (at least in California) to support a suit.
Dopers please post instances of intellectual snobs inflicting status games on you.