Intelligently Designed letter to the editor

I like this guy and want to subscribe to his newsletter. :smiley:


I wonder how many Creationists wrote in agreeing with him?

Spoken like a man who believes in Saint Gulik! :cool:

Not to mention the amazing parasitic worm which God, in His infinite wisdom, has given a nice, comfortable place to live (ie, in a child’s eyeball).

Why do we fight the obvious will of God? :smack: Why do we puny mortals believe we know more than God? Because we are wrong about the will of God,

As I’ve said before, whenever anyone talks about the wonders of the human body, Intelligent Design and so on, I have just 2 words for them - Kidney Stone !!!

Ever had one? I have. :mad: The best way to describe it is

Yes, because the fact that all of these are hard to kill and an inconvenience to us proves that they weren’t intelligently designed. Brilliant!

This dude takes a hard right turn into the cliff wall after espousing the remarkable cockroach.

I never realized there were other smart people in Orlando.

If you Google “Howard Elgison,” you’ll get more of his wit."HOWARD+ELGISON"&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=24&gl=us

Seriously, cancer was intelligently designed, then? Whatever the hell for? To help prop up the health care industry?


'Fraid not. I’m pretty sure Malacandra is actually an ardent Creation believer.

Probably for the same reason males have their nutsacks on the outside of their body (instead of, you know, buried deep inside protected by a bunch of bone).

HEY! Our Creator is a wise and intelligent white man and he angrily resents this blasphemy. He’s totally smiting you RIGHT NOW.

Are you smote yet? Cause he’s TOTALLY smiting you.

Ahh…but the temperature regulation, you see…

They are also fun to play with, before and during the process of sending one’s genetic material into a willing partner. Most of us actually do live long lives without serious damage to the testes.

Yes… x4… and NO, I don’t believe for a minute that my kidneys were designed to give me them, nor do I believe that I received them for some supernatural reason.

Kind of like the banana argument put forward by Kirk Cameron. Just once I would like to see someone stand up and say, "OK, Kirk, I’ve got one for you. Delicious, nutritious food inside, really hard to access, not so convenient to separate from the wrapper. Coconuts. Was the designer sleeping that day?’