Intentionally wierd business names

On my way to work today I saw a pickup truck. No so unusual. This truck had some nicely done signage on the each door advertising a business. Again, not so unusual. The business was a pool cleaning service named Pool Maintenance Service. The word arrangement was obviously intentional, since their tagline was “Do you have PMS?”.

I wouldn’t dare ask him “How’s business?” He’d probably reply “Bloody great!”

So the blue liquid in all those feminine product commercial is actually our pool water?

In Little Rock, AR there is a cleaning service, and they have a huge billboard on the side of I30 just after it splits from 40 and is headed toward the river bridge.

It reads:

O.J.'s Cleaning Service
The competition can’t lay a glove on us

The picture is of a cute blonde maid wearing white gloves, but …they had to have known.

S&M Triangle Services. Really.

Not so much a weird name, but an unfortunate abbreviation and logo: I used to work for an insurance broker; they sold insurance for lots of different insurance companies.

One day I was cleaning out an old file cabinet and came across some old, old forms for a company called Health Insurance of Vermont. Vermont is known as the “Green Mountain State” or something like that. Anyway, their old logo was the letters HIV (for Health Insurance of Vermont) surrounded by various-sized triangles, that were supposed to be pine trees. They sort of looked like blood drops… :eek:
HIV and blood drops, not a good association for health insurance.
On the funny side:
There’s a plumber here in Baltimore named John Flood.
And an optician named Glasser.

There are a lot of "S&M"s out there. I saw a ticket once for “S&M Amusements”. On my way home I regularly pass “S & M liquors”.
I’ve always been amused by the name of the electronics meter company Fluke. I imagine thyeir motto to be “If it works, it’s a Fluke!”

I can’t say it enough. WANG. Not intentional, but damn.
WANG, WANG, WANG. :smiley:

Doggie Style

It’s a pet grooming business.

I once saw a veterinarian’s office called “Steve’s Dog and Cat Repair.”

And in Boston there’s “Deathwish Piano Movers.”

There’s a trucking firm called “Guaranteed Overnight Delivery”. Yes, their trucks say G.O.D. on them.

I can’t tell whether the owners truly are religious, or are thumbing their collective noses at people who are :confused: