Interesting bio of the life & death of Phil Katz the creator of "zip" compression

The short, tormented life of computer genius Phil Katz

That was a good read.

Talk about your tortured geniuses!

I bet some guys are thinking, hey, two out of three ain’t bad!

That was a good read.

Important Note: There are a group of people who hated PK with a great passion. They have gone to great lengths to smear him on the Internet over the years. This is merely one of the usual smear articles that has been generated.

The real truth, while not great, is not nearly as bad as depicted.

I still prefer PKzip over Winzip!
I only use Winzip if my file names are longer than 8 letters.

I’m not sure anything in there is particularly bad. Unless you’re implying that he wasn’t an alcoholic who drank himself to death. Seemed reasonaby honest to me, from an objective and uninformed point of view.

It’s not like they made him out to be a tyrant or cruel to others in any way shape or form. I’ll accept that the story may have inaccurcies or exaggerations, but you may want to offer some cites or at least point out whats inaccurate before calling this a “smear article”.

Well, he had the whips, so it couldn’t have been that bad.

A very interesting read. I had some very limited contact with Mr. Katz a very long time ago, but never knew anything about his personal life, of course.

ftg, if you think the article is inaccurate, what version of the story do you think is more accurate?