Who was Phil Katz

Well, those who knew him would say the man who invented ZIP compressing program. But did he?


Even without confirming evidence, I tend to believe Thom Henderson. This seems to be the way of invention/innovation.
Bill Gates didn’t create DOS.
IBM didn’t invent the computer.
Andy Warhol didn’t create all of “his” works.
Jimmy Page didn’t create all of “his” works.
and so on.

That ARC guy is a really sore loser. The grounds for ARC’s lawsuit were quite frivolous. They even objected to Katz using the ARC extension!

It is very disgusting how someone with inferior products and code takes it out on a dead guy. Keep in mind, Katz’s software ran faster and compressed better than ARCs. Don’t see that mentioned on the page. And you generally don’t do better copying other people’s bad code. The ARC vs. Katz case was purely a jealous company trying to not lose market share going after a guy they knew didn’t have enough money to defend himself. He only settled because he didn’t have the bucks ARC did.

In other words, that web page is total fantasy, excepting the fact that Katz did die, etc.

Now that older Usenet posts are on Google, go search back about Katz, PKPAK, and ARC and see what the PC community thought about this. Note that people like Keith Peterson running the SimTel archives stopped accepting programs packed with ARC and switched over to ZIP. Ditto other archive maintainers. No one ever felt sorry for the ARC jerks.

As I said, a disgusting page.

ARC was a terrible compression format. And that’s page is really nasty.

I’d just like to emphasize that the speed of pkzip was a big deal in the late 1980s. With our computers nowadays that are 100 times faster, you don’t think too much about the speed of operations, but it could take a long time to compress and decompress files in those days.

I started using LHarc in the early 1990s because it would compress a little smaller than pkzip (space was also a big deal), but I sure missed pkzip’s speed.

By the way, instead of remorse over the ARC/ZIP deal, could Phil Katz’s death have had more to do with the WinZip program taking over his fame/income? I think WinZip was really building up steam around the time PK died.

The cosmic dance continues… WinXP’s Explorer now views zip archives as if they were folders, making WinZip extraneous for most people.