Interesting poll results..Pubbies beware
A very interesting read…a few quotes…

The times they are a changing.

“Just 42% of Americans say their representative deserves to be re-elected…”

And come next election, 94% of them will be re-elected.

It’s one of the great unsolved mysteries.

Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose

Hey reeder, didn’t you start a thread just like this about a year ago, except the subject was polls and G.W. Bush? I haven’t been paying much attention to the news lately, how did that work out for you? Who did you guys wind up electing instead of that Bush guy who was so far out of it?

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Polls don’t matter. What matters is elections. Any pollster can “engineer” his survey to match any “conclusion” he wants. Ask the right questions. Phrase them the right way. Pick the right “sample”. Define your own limits. Now IF the polls somehow get it right, we can expect the next round of elections to be “interesting”. A lot of it will still depend on soundbites and spinmeisters though.

This thread reminds me of another partisan poster who has since been banned. He would start a thread with a link to a blog or opinion piece, post a quip at the end, and then sit back to watch what happened.

Slowly but surely, Reeder is turning into december.

Even as a Republican-allied voter, I don’t particularly like the current Congress. I haven’t seen a single Congress I ever liked in my lifetime, so I’m not sure I expect it to change. There are things I think they do decently and many I think they screw up. Hasn’t changed. Probably won’t. Electing other people won’t change things.

Wyile I think most people on this board are overly harsh on Frist, they’re not harsh enough on the thing they need to be: he doesn’t appear to have really goals or direction.

Frist does have a goal
To be president.

When did polls become op-ed pieces? The polls listed were legitimate polls.

Do you think President Bush has taken sufficient action to address the murder of Iraqi children by troops under his command?


Not a valid analogy. This question presumes facts not in evidence. The poll questions in the OP do not. Is there something improper or manipulative about asking whether you think your Congressperson represents your interests or should be reelected. There is nothing “op-ed” about them.

Polls may not be perfectly reliable but when they’re done right they’re a pretty good barometer of public opinion and mood. If they were not accurate then elected officials would not be so obsessed with them, not to mention all the private industry which endlessly commissions consumer surveys and polls.

Slowly? He’s done this for ages. People bitch about it all the time.

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I don’t know why either, so don’t ask.

Yep, the only problem with polls like this is they are mostly meaningless in the grand scheme of things. Like I said in the run up to Nov. 2004, “polls talked about months off really don’t mean anything, I won’t even begin to make a prediction as to who wins the Presidency until early October.” The only poll that is really worth discussing IMO is the one that’s taken outside the voting booths on election day.

Obviously you guys can feel free to engage in whatever meaningless diatribe you need to up to that point. Just from life experiences I’ve learned speculating who is going to win anything in politics is a waste of time until you get very close to the day of reckoning.

Nice poll, but where were these upset assholes when there was an election last November?

Despite the so-called Pube mandate, the Dems lost by a small margin. If even 1% of those now complaining had bothered to vote, we wouldn’t be on this sleighride to hell.

Banning filibusters, creating a de-facto national ID card with the driver’s licence, destroying national preserves looking for oil, rallying behind a Florida vegetable, ruining Social Security, ignoring North Korea, gearing up for Iran, pretending there will be no military draft, doing the worst PR in history and making us the most hated nation on earth…and this in a grand total of five months!

Even when the Dems win the next time around, it is going to take the first four fuckin’ years to undo all this shit, and even that will take a real mandate and a miracle.

Not to mention that the Radical Right will fight tooth, nail and mass-produced shank against the Dems every step of the way, all the while screaming about how it’s the evil liberals who’ve caused all the problems and if they’d been left in power they’d have fixed it all, by God!

Going to the front page we see that most articles are posted by someone named Morbo who says things like, “I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Head Start, probably because I’m an alumnus of the program.” That’s a blog if I ever saw one.

If the poll is legitimate, you should’ve linked directly to it.