Interesting titles, until you realise you read it wrong.

I really was intrigued, How do you determine a Klingon?

Edit, forgive me, I have a headache.

The title turned out to be How do you determine a kilogram. I had to read the op before I figured out my mistake.

One that I keep misreading, two different ways:

"Being the last poster to a thread and then you die."

At least I got that off my chest!

Being the last pastor to a thread and then it dies.

I like to think I gave it some comfort before the end.

Interesting titties, until you realise you read it wrong.

I keep reading “I just got laid off” as “I just got laid.” Both can be interesting, I suppose, but in rather different ways.

Headache is abated now, I think I may have strained my humorous a little. I vaguely remember posting this last night. Thanks for the replies. Love em all!

For me it’s always
“Sequential Thread Titties”
every single time. I’m sure it says something about me.

How do you determine a Klingon? Well, they fart in air locks, according to David Gerrold.

I just read a thread in Mundane, To Kiss an Uber Driver.

squinted and realized it’s Kris.

Words can be tricky seen out of context.

You never know what to expect in a thread title and sometimes your eye fools you.

They’re doing construction on a road near me. I live in wine country where everything is just so with it so I saw the warning sign saying “Pilates in road”. I thought “that’s a new one”. Plates in road. Dumbass me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Damnit! Beaten to it!

From the main page:

“Mods: Still Inedibly Bad at…”

** Turning the migrants in to Uber**

At one point, I read a title regarding a “plague of huntsman spiders.”

For some reason, I left out a few of the letters and thought the topic was a “plague of human spiders.” Gah!

**Law People: Let’s do this again. Is a finger an object? **
Guess which finger I’m visualizing.
**What unconventional uses for your InstaPot have you found? **
Since I rarely cook, the phrase “InstaPot” conjures up an amusing image.

Lorem Ipsum sauce

mmmmm, Lorem Ipsum sauce [/homer]

What does “Insufficient dick space” mean?

Umm - I think it means “ouch!”
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That means Richard smacked his head on the door frame again while getting in his new car.