International Mafia

This game is a test of a new idea to keep the game moving at all times, but still allowing “downtime” for players so no one goes (more) insane.
Despite the Number of Players (24), I expect this to be a FAST game.

The game will operate on an Hourly Schedule (pronounced the British way, not the correct American way), which might be complicated, but I’m hoping it is not.
The game begins at T0:00 where it is Dawn in London, United Kingdom and Dusk in Wellington, New Zealand. Dusk in London will occur at T12:00 which will simultaneously occur with Dawn in Wellington. Similarly T24:00 corresponds to Dawn in London and Dusk in Wellington.

Each real-time Day counts as 3 hours with the exception of Saturday and Sunday which count as 1.5 hours. The Christmas Weekend (Dec 25 and Dec 26) will both count as ZERO hours. New Years Weekend will also count as ZERO hours.

By the math, each Day, as you traditionally know it, will last 4 real-time days unless it falls over a weekend where it will last 5. (or a Holiday which will last 6). Once the game starts, a full schedule will be published for those who do not like maths.

Dawn and Dusk will occur at 21:00 GMT (4:00PM Eastern Standard Time, 12:00PM Pacific Standard Time).

The transition between Dawn and Dusk will occur precisely at 4:00 PM EST by the SDMB clock. Board outages will not change the end of Day; plan carefully. All votes must have a time stamp of Thursday, 3:59 PM EST or earlier. Posts and votes with time stamps Thursday, 4:00PM EST or later will be ignored.

For players with Night actions experiencing Night, failure to meet the deadline will result in no action.

Travel between London and Wellington is possible via aeroplane. Not all players are capable of initiating travel. Those who are issue their desire to travel as a Night Action in their current City. At Dawn of their current City, they will be “In Transit.” At Dawn of their destination City, they will arrive and participate in the New Day at their destination City. Travelers may not Vote or use Night Actions while traveling. Travelers may post while traveling.

Not all players can travel.

You are a civilised people. While certain nasties might resort to violence and murder, there is no death penalty in the commonwealth. This isn’t Texas. Suspected murderers will be arrested and gaoled.

You may only vote if you are in a City and experiencing Day. If you are traveling or experiencing Night, you may not vote.

Warrants for arrest are issued at Dusk. Voting players may vote to gaol anyone in the game, however, the warrant for arrest is only valid in the City from which it was issued. If London issues a warrant to arrest Catinasuit and Catinasuit is in Wellington, the warrant is not effective unless Catinasuit winds up in London.

Vote LikeThis
Votes must be in bold blue, on a single line, by itself. Please don’t play hide the vote from the moderator. Everyone will be happier with accurate vote counts. (For strict interpretation, any vote in blue will be considered an intended vote. Bold, single line, by itself is a moderator request, not a requirement)

Unvote LikeThis
Unvotes are to be made in bold red, on a single line, by itself.

Messages to the moderator should be in bold green, on a single line.
The moderator encourages questions to the moderator to be sent via PM.

Arrest will be by plurality.
Ties are bad. Don’t do them.
Ties will be resolved by timestamp. The tied player who received the most recent vote will not be arrested.
A No Arrest will occur if an uncontested plurality of votes accumulates for No Arrest. A tie with No Arrest will result in someone getting arrested as if the No Arrest votes didn’t exist at all.
IMPORTANT The game will end when the win conditions are met. However, it is entirely possible that a City is devoid of criminals while the win conditions have not yet been met. At times, No Arrest will be an important tool for winning.

Murders perpetrated by the anti-Town players will occur during Local Night. Both Night in London and Night in Wellington are susceptible to experiencing a Murder at Night. To successfully enact a murder, a criminal player must be present in the City experiencing Night and only a player in that City may be targeted for murder.
The murder action and travel request may occur by the same player during a single Night.

Win Conditions
The International Crime Ring (ICR) win if they manage to equal or out number Town players.
Town Players win when all ICR have been gaoled.
A Stalemate is also a possible outcome.

Third Parties
Due to the new ruleset and inherent confusion and complexity, it is explicitly stated that there are No Third Parties in the game.

I will allow substitutions up through the T36:00. Past T36:00 removal and/or substitutions will occur at the discretion of the moderator. Substitutions may happen at anytime. Removals will occur at Local Dusk.

The moderator will not prod anyone. Failure to participate will result in substitution/removal.

Closed Setup:
An inventory of roles will not be published.
A standard Town role PM will be public information.

  • Game related communication outside the game thread is forbidden, except for scum who may communicate at Night and only at Night.
  • Be nice.
  • Only living players may post game relevant discussion to the game thread. And only while they are experiencing Day.
  • Editing posts is allowed.

Can I play?

Also, to clarify: scum can only communicate at night when it’s night where they are, right? Because it’s technically always night and always day.


Can’t wait. I’ll read the rules later. :slight_smile:

Yeah, in.

No way I can miss this.

This sounds interesting. I’ll give it a go.

So, how can a Scum in London and one in Wellington communicate? Is each one allowed to read during their local Day (when the other Scum is in Night), and can just only post when it’s local Night?

Will it be publicly known what city each player is in, and when they’re transiting?

Not in, by the way: I’ll be away from Internet access over Christmas.


This sounds great but between traveling for Christmas and getting surgery first thing next year I’m going to be following along.
Once you get it up and running please spoil me.

I’m crazy enough to consider joining. But the last time I played, I went AWOL after one game post.

Well, join and don’t go AWOL. It will fix your reputation.

Only part of it. The other part is I do poorly at MafiaScum. Most games I’m in, I came under early suspicion, but I have never been Scum. The two times I was in the final Day, it came down to my vote – and I voted wrong.

Yet this game sounds just messed up enough that my game play might not be so big a problem.

BTW, NAF, what do you think of my MafiaScum skillz, aside from that AWOL incident?

sachertorte, will there be any posting restrictions for players during Night or In Transit?

ETA (as game hasn’t started yet): Wellington’s time zone is UTC +12, so the set-up of this game works if we ignore that abomination called “Summer Time” (UK) or “Daylight Time” (NZ).

I have read the rules and have not understood anything. Sounds like a game I don’t want to miss.


Seems clear to me, Guiri. There are two locations; when one location is in Daytime the other is in Nighttime. A Lynch is only valid in its location. Travel between locations is possible for some players.

Do I have it right?

ETA: I just reread the rules: “Travelers may post while traveling.” I need a DUH button.

Finally a game at a time that I can play! I’m in, baby.

I’m in.

Somebody better kill me somewhere before the middle of December or I’ll go stark raving mad and not want to play Mafia again until 2015, but I still can’t miss this.


In the context of “no arrest”, what does uncontested plurality of votes mean? No votes for anything else at all, or just more than anything else? Plurality of votes cast or of voters present?

I haven’t read a thing yet, but /in, please.

Ok now I’ve read it.

-I’m also curious of Scum will be limited to only speaking when it is Night at their present location and only able to communicate with other scum who are also at the same location. If something like that will be in effect, do we get to know how it will be enforced?

-Placing a vote that creates a tie is going to be perceived as scummy-as-all-hell it would seem, considering it functionally saves the person being voted for.

-The statement “Each real-time Day” is an oxymoron, at least by my understanding of the vernacular.

I should say creating a tie is like to be seen and/or spun as scummy-as-all-hell…