International Talk To Your Giant Invisible Rats Day

Monday is International Talk To Your Giant Invisible Rats Day.
Spread the word! Tell your friends!
Just out of curiosity, what will you say?

:confused: the link is a fake

Get the **** out of my imaginary house?

Stop with that invisible shit… you’re pissing off the cat.

What if I’m afraid of rats? Can I talk to my Giant Invisible Bunnies?


Yes, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the biggest problem.

By any chance, are these Were-Rats?

Because I rather like Were-Rats.

I’ll say the same things I say to them every day–watch out for giant invisible rat traps.

Rodents of unusual size???

I don’t believe they exist.

—>There rats.
<—There castle.

Harvey? Is that you?

This thread makes no sense to me whatsoever.

I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t make sense if I were sober, either.

I don’t wait for a holiday, I talk to them everyday. :confused:

International Talk To Your Giant Invisible Rats Day? Does this imply you had at least one other person from at least one other country participating? Are Giant Invisible Rats hence not native? How did they spread there? Can you take them as pets?? Or is being invisible enough for them to hide on boats.

How Giant are they?

We can’t stop here! This is rat country!

Yes. Yes. Maybe. Giant (invisible) papyrus rafts. Yes, conditionally! (they are hard to house train). That, too.

Oh… 'bout yeay* big.

holding out my hand at about this* level

If only we all had webcam access!*

***I have one, but it’s not hooked up.

Gee, lady. That’s just weird.

What if the rats are just Giant Invisible Dust Bunnies?

Trevor Stop Looking At Porn Sites And Nuddy Mags.! That Is The 5th Time I Caught You Today! Go Chase A Damn Cat For Once. No Not That Pussy! Chase A Cat!

Oh, great. The new boss is coming tomorrow to meet the staff. And I’ll be sitting at my desk talking to my Giant Invisible Rat.

So much for the Giant Invisible Bunnies.

This afternoon, Aaron and I were having a pleasant lunch at Cracker Barrel. I was digging in my wallet looking for money, and when I looked up, I saw a Giant Easter Bunny. He was clearly visible, but at the same time, the thought of a Giant Bunny was a bit much.