Internet ads to be placed in your BIOS???

This sounds like a horrible idea!

It seems that Phoenix/Award intends to go through with this, but is it technically possible? Is it ethically feasible?


I would guess that it is technically feasible. They put a lot of information up on your screen already. There’s no reason that that information couldn’t be expanded to include an ad. Of course, it would be the same ad every time you booted. That would get annoying, wouldn’t it?

Most of us have already gotten used to the “Microsoft Windows 95 with Internet Explorer” startup screen, which is nothing more that an ad all by itself.

I went to the ebetween website, and, from how they explained how ebetween works, that startup screen will be replaced by an advertisement from one of those companies listed above.

Man oh man, imagine if a hacker can exploit some loopholes on this ebetween. Then they can gain access to your computer easily and quickly and do some serious damage.

I hope ebetween goes to hell with DIVX.

Oh, one more thing. Don’t be worried about ebetween when you buy a new computer in a major store. They’re just going to use this on “white-box” computers, or non-brand name comptuers.

Technically possible? Yes it is. They just proven that they can have access to that ROM chip and fill it with anything they want, as long as you give permission to do so. If there’s an easy switch to shut it off, I wouldn’t be worried. If they hide that switch, that seems a little sneaky.

Ethically feasible? Hmmm, I think that question belongs in Great Debates.