Internet adverisers, just what are you trying to say about me?

So, I don’t fool with cookies or really much of anything in the way of blocking advertising or tracking when it comes to my phone. I don’t trust it, so I don’t bother. As a result, I see a lot of ads on my phone.

Today while browsing ArsTechnica, a site that usually feeds me a healthy stream of tech ads, I get an ad for wedding gowns. I believe I’m male, not a transvestite, and happily-ish married. Even if I’m wrong on one of these counts, I can’t imagine how you might have figured it out before I did. If my wife is cheating on me, any scenario with her already shopping for a wedding dress seems very extreme. Plus, she’s more likely to ask me to tailor it for her than buy one. I can sew OK, and she’s almost annoyingly thrifty. The same answer applies if you’re somehow prescient in my future clothing choices. As far as I know, I’d rather sew a dress than wear one. So, you’re either throwing a Hail Mary pass or you’re just simply wrong.

I gave them every chance in the world to get it right, and I get this. I feel like you’re not even trying. To quote my dad: “I bought you books, sent you to school, and what do you do? You eat your lunch on the way there.”

ETA: I do sleepwalk, and locked myself outside recently wile doing that. So, who really knows what I’m searching for on my phone.

Was it White?

I recently did a project for work that involved a lot of research for stats around opioid addiction and prescription patterns. I also played “you can find ANYTHING on Amazon!” with a friend.

My targeted ads are now for suboxone, rehab centers, and witchcraft spells. It’s bizarroworld.

Sadly, I do not see an ad for a spell to help with addictions.

Now you know what to expect when the bots take over the world. This was just a rehearsal.

Yes. Considering GrumpyBunny’s experience, do you think that they’re trying to say that my tastes have gotten so nerdy that I’ve become a virgin again?

Great. If I’m interpreting this right, it looks like we have snarky overlords in our future.

Thanks to the recent thread about mink coats, almost all my ads are now for outrageously priced threads from Bergdorf Goodman. Especially one I clicked on because it was a $500+ toddler sundress of the sort I used to toss off in 20 minutes or so before I discovered the Internet. :wink: No. I’m not gonna buy that no matter how many times you show it to me…but I just might dust off my old sewing machine.

Now you’ve done it…you’re going to get ads for toddlers, dusters, and sewing machines.


My favorite is when I get ads for three weeks for the thing I. Just. Bought. Like, do you think I’m going to buy *another *$600 vacuum cleaner? Or another half-dozen bras? LOL

Apparently the reason they do this is that people often look at an item and choose not to buy it, but might if they keep seeing it, and the ad bots can’t track whether you actually bought the item or not.

I’ve also seen ads for some stupidly expensive clothing that I first saw from a link here on the Dope that was presumably from the same thread mentioned above. But only from ads served by the Dope! Is “Ironic” appropriate?

Nice day for it.

scabpicker: uBlock Origin is trustworthy, whereas the ads routinely serve up malware.

  • uMatrix for the truly hardcore and dedicated.

More to the point, have you perhaps been researching some legacy manufacturers, such as Wang?

During a family dinner, my mother was lamenting lack of a suitable house dress in stores so my sister mentioned Amazon. As the family Prime member, I pulled out the tablet so my mother and sister could select something suitable. Ordered through my account and thought nothing of it until all future advertisements (including those on this site) featured women’s clothes of all forms. To make matters worse, I started receiving print catalogs called “The Woman Within.”

Sending that to the wrong person is an incitement to violence.