Internet browser question

My mother uses Internet Explorer as her web browser. Some site she visited changed her search engine to something other than what she uses. Even if she types the URL into the address box, the browser is rerouted to this one search engine.

She dumped her cookies and her temporary Internet files, but the browser is still re-routed.

Is there something else she can try?


See the lame whimpering post I’m about to make in MPSIMS…

Usually those problems are solved by running a program such as AdAware (free download at ) or SpyBot.
Those can also find and erase other spyware and unwanted stuff on your moms computer

(or in other words, try SpyBot and AdAware, but it might not be enough)


I had my mom download Ad Aware, and so far, it’s taken care of the problem.

I know I’m gonna spend my vacation cleaning up her computer. I just know it! :smack: