Internet Explorer display problem -- help?

Somehow, my IE9 settings got boggled, and now the image takes up the whole screen. The “forward” and “back” buttons are gone, and also the “Minimize, Restore, and Close” buttons.

To close the app, I have to use Task Manager and KILL it! I can’t close it any other way. I can’t even get OUT of it, because it also covers the task bar, so I can’t switch to any other app, or close it from the task bar.

I’m using Firefox now, because I can’t use IE!

How do I reset my display? Helpity?


To be more verbose: You are in full screen mode. You can toggle full screen mode by pressing the F11 key on your keyboard. Press F11, and Internet Explorer will work better.

That said, Internet Explorer 9 is rather old, so you might be better off on Firefox. Or, if you have Windows 7, consider upgrading to the latest Internet Explorer 11. (IE9 is supported on Vista, but only with critical bug fixes. Since it won’t be updated to support newer web features, a lot of sites have stopped supporting it, including Google Apps.)

yoyodyne (wonderfully relevant name!) and BigT: Thank you! What a doggone silly feature! Well, okay, I suppose some people would want it. But, sheesh! It sure locked me out!

I’ll look into moving up to IE11. Thanks again!

(I’m free! I’m free! I can see my tools and taskbar! I’m free!)