Internet Explorer Error! Help! It says "Server Returned Extended Info."

I’m trying to download a file from a ftp, through a webpage(I know the file is on ftp because the link says so).

This is the error I get. What’s weird is the other files from the same ftp download fine. I tried Microsoft’s solution, which is to go into dos mode and try it, but it didn’t work.

Here is what happens when I try to go through dos.

  1. I type “ftp”

  2. I type open <name of ftp site>

  3. It says "unknown host <name of ftp site>

Any help?

“Extended info” error messages usually happen because either
[li]the server has reached its maximum user limit (no more connections allowed until someone logs off), or[/li][li]the server wants you to log in with a user name and password.[/li][/list=A]

Since you have been able to download other files from this FTP server (it is the same server, right?), I would assume that the server is just busy, and you should try again later.

The Microsoft command line FTP client is essentially the same as the UNIX client; you can’t just open the path to the file (“open”); you have to connect to the server first (“open”), then use the “cd” and “get” commands to navigate the site and download the file you want.

Your best bet would be to get a full-featured FTP client. WS-FTP is popular, and the LE version of it is free. Personally, I use FTP Explorer ( ). It’s a few years old and freeware, but it has a nice Windows explorer-like interface, so it’s easy to use. It also supports resuming downloads, and lists all the text status messages that the FTP server sends.

Just out of curiosity, what site were you trying to get to (assuming it doesn’t contain copyrighted materials)?

Try search for ‘ftp’ you should be knee deep in free FTP programs.

Sometimes I use the ftp in a browser URL, e.g. to get a browser ftp connection.