Internet & is this hygenic

I searched the straight dope site for this but got too many results, so I was wondering if you guys can help me out. I don’t even know if a thread on this topic exist. Here are the Q’s

  1. What and when was the first internet website?/

  2. Is the sudden rise of the internet thanks to Windows 95?

  3. Who was the first internet millionaire?

  4. this Q has nothing to do with the internet. My dad grew up in the 1950’s. As you can see I live in the Seychelles. Back then, thanks to the world war, neccesities were really rare on the island. There was a lack of toothpaste, therefore he told me that they used charcoal to brush their teeth with??? Is this hygenic?? Does charcoal have fluoride in them?? My dad said that once you’ve washed the charcoal off your teeth…they are whiter than when you started with? Is this for real?? Anybody knows other strange methods of brushing teeth?

Just a guess on #4, but i’d think charcoal would be quite abrasive
so it could possibly clean teeth…

1 - I think you’re confusing the Internet and the World Wide Web. The Internet is the biggest network in the world, providing the technology and the protocols to connect many thousands of computers worldwide. Most people consider the Internet as starting in 1969, when a government agency called ARPA (Advanced Research Project Agency) connected the computers at four major universities.

The World Wide Web, on the other hand, is a collection of hypertext documents that “runs” on the Internet. It’s hard to say what the first Web page was, but this page details one of the very first proposals for a hypertext document hosted on the Internet.

2 - Um, no. I think you could say that the general rise in the number of people with computers in their homes led to the rise and sudden popularity of the Internet, but the actual OS used on those computers didn’t have a direct effect in most people’s opinions.

3 - Depends on how you define “internet millionaire”. Bill Gates certainly made his share of money from Internet related technologies. The guys who started Yahoo! might be more in line with most people’s ideas of Internet millionaires. But I really don’t know who is considered first.

4 - No clue, although they do use charcoal filters to freshen water and such, so the cleansing properties of charcoal are real.

That’s my two cents. Good thing I just reviewed the chapter on Internet history for my latest textbook project, eh?

Yes - I’ve heard several times of the tooth-cleansing properties of charcoal. You must have to rinse really, really well to end up with white shiny biters though.

IIRC the Elizabethans used it.

This pdf - - found during a Yahoo! “charcoal cleaning teeth” confirms the use of charcoal to clean teeth.

Can’t tell for sure, but these ones here are a candidates. Tim Berners-Lee invented HTML, which is what all web pages are written in.

No. It’s true that Win95 was very successful, but the internet would have developed as rapidly without it. In fact, Bill Gates himself has admitted that Microsoft totally failed to anticipate the rapid development of the internet. The first Internet Explorer was introduced only as an optional add-on to Windows 95, few used it and it wasn’t very good compared to other browsers.

Difficult to say. The first internet millionaires tended only to be millionaires only in the supposed, usually vastly inflated, value of their companies. This meant many could claim to be millionaires, but weren’t in any real sense.

What makes something ‘unhygenic’ is the presence of micro-organisms. If the charcoal was literally fresh out of the fire, then there’s nothing unhygenic about it. As an abrasive it probably worked well, maybe too well, you don’t want to scrub the enamel off your teeth. Other than that I imagine the taste and what it could do to your digestion were the only draw backs.