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Greetings,a few days ago I posted a thread where I was asking about bookkeeping jobs online,unfortunately I found out that it can’t really be done in reality,so I have a better idea,data entry or whatever you want to call it,basically someone hires me to do their ,paper to computer, work for them,for instance they send me a scan of a paper and I write all the data in some program/document and send it back,can that be done in reality (or anything similar)? And if it can is data entry the correct term and which types of businesses are most likely to hire me? I should also mention that I am open for any internet job ideas,because I want to move to a different country and its a really hard place to get a job even for people that live there,let alone a non-citizen,so if I get an internet job I would have a nicely paid job that I can do from there,at least until I get a citizenship and so on…

I doubt you’d find many companies these days that (a) work on paper and (b) then want to convert it to computer data.

However, I have another idea for you. I spent six months working from home doing dictation from audio recordings (mostly of market research interviews, which was actually quite interesting!). I got paid per hour of dictation completed and let me warn you now, it wasn’t a lot of money. But it is a legitimate ‘work from home’ opportunity. Obviously you’d need to find a company in your area that is looking for typists.

What you’re describing is similar to some of the tasks that used to appear on Amazon’s Mechnical Turk.

Typically very poorly paid.

Also, I think you’d have to make a better job of the typing than you did when you created this thread.

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Besides practicing your typing, you should probably make sure the immigration authorities of whatever country you are moving to are OK with what you have in mind. Many countries get a little cranky when foreigners try to take up residence without appropriate documentation (e.g. work permits, some obvious means of support, etc.)

The kinds of thing you’re talking about do or did exist. People do get hired to enter printed stuff into a computer. (For example, digitizing old printed books, or converting phone books to an online database, or entering handwritten parking tickets into a computer.) The problem is that you’re competing with people in countries in Asia and Africa who will work for less money that you will. And as said, in 2014, who is going to have some printed document that isn’t already in a computer somewhere? (Maybe a Luddite who still insists on handwriting his manuscripts?)

But you might still be able to find something you can do. How many languages are you fluent in? Do you have any skills or special training?

There is billions of data entry jobs on freelancer type of sites,exactly the stuff that I described,but they are all single jobs,no full time jobs and you also have to compete with others for the lowest price,which means that you can’t really live from that even if you do actually get the job,so I don’t know why there would be that many jobs like that,but none in the ,real world, ,I mean I don’t have to be limited to paper,that was just an idea,what I am searching for is something that can be done in this way:
1.they send me stuff to work on over email
2.I do it
3.I send it back after
,so basically anything,except perhaps too complicated stuff like accountant and bookkeeper jobs,@dewey,well not really to be honest,but I can speak a few foreign languages,although I don’t really want to translate/teach languages,perhaps if nothing else goes,but…

What about technical translation? It doesn’t meet your requirement for something uncomplicated, but be honest with yourself: there are no easy, uncomplicated jobs that you can do from home over the Internet that pay a decent amount. If there were, there is a global pool of slackers to draw from, which would push down wages.

If English is your second language, it seems like you have enough English ability to be a translator, at least from English to your native language. It helps to have knowledge of a technical field in order to get better pay.

I live in the U.S. and worked for Japanese clients solely through e-mail for over ten years, so translating does meet your requirements in that regard.

Just start submitting your info to translation agencies. At some point, one of them will contact you.

Doesn’t sound bad,I just don’t know if there would be enough jobs that are full time and paid normally and not like 10 dollars per week or something,also I currently speak only Serbian (and Croatian) at a native level,but I am learning Greek and Russian,but I am far from the ,technical, level,so I doubt that I would be useful for that at the moment.

Working as a translator from home is usually on a piecework basis, not hourly or salaried, so how much you make depends directly on how much and how fast you work. If you do good work at a good price and keep your deadlines, you can make plenty. It might take a year or two to build up enough relationships with agencies and establish yourself as a reliable good translator so that when they get a job, they think of asking you first.

Technical translation covers a wide range of material.

I don’t know how large the market for Serbian translation is. If you buy a refrigerator, for example, is the user manual in Serbian? If it is, well, someone most likely had to translate that, unless it was manufactured by a Serbian company in the first place.

So you don’t necessarily need a lot of technical knowledge to translate things like user manuals for consumer goods. You just have to be familiar with the style, and have some common sense and familiarity with consumer goods. If you have technical knowledge, however, you can get better-paying jobs.

While working with only one agency probably won’t provide you with enough work, the job is freelance, so you can register with as many agencies as you want, and in combination, you can get enough work to make a decent living. I made enough as a translator to support a family in a nice suburban lifestyle in the U.S.

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