Internet Logs Problem

I clean house periodically on the computer. Every time I go to wipe out the Internet Logs files, I find three files that have the same restriction on them. How do I get around that restriction, what is in those files and do I need them?

Next to each file name is the small icon that typically means it is a text file and can be read in NotePad or WordPad. The titles are:

  1. Iamdb
  2. Cartooniverse ( actually, my full first and last name )
  3. tvDebug

When I try to delete any of these I get a windo with a large X in a red circle, and the following warn:

Cannot delete IAMDB: Access is Denied.

Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use


What are these and how do I get rid of them?


I assume you run ZoneAlarm on your PC? All three of these files are system files associated with that program, storing your application rules, your personal settings and some debug information, respectively. You shouldn’t even be trying to delete these files. As a general rule, randomly deleting things if you don’t know their function isn’t a great approach to computer maintenance*. If you absolutely must delete them, shut down ZoneAlarm and it’ll release its lock on the files, but I really dont think this is a good idea. At best you’ll end up resetting all of your options, at worst you’ll break your firewall.

Also, I find it helps a lot in general if you tell Windows to display filename extensions by default, because the files you’re looking at aren’t just .txt files; this option is found by opening up any folder window, going to Tools, Folder Options and finding the relevant checkbox under the “View” tab.

*Just in case you think this sounds excessively patronising, incidentally, this is something I’ve learnt by experience, so it’s not meant to be. :slight_smile:

I googled iamdb. It came back with International Adult Movie Database. Haw haw haw! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Joking aside, as Dead Badger noticed, both iamdb and tvDebug are files created by ZoneAlarm. There is nothing to worry about them.

No offense taken to be sure !!! I asked, thefore I did not know. Yes I use Zone Alarm, I’ve been using it since it was a free DL only from ZoneLabs. 1997? 1998? Love the thang. I am pretty unhappy with some of the purchase-online issues, but that’s maybe just a quirk of the DL I did last time I purchased a new licensed version.

As for deleting files, I delete only the files that are in folders where I wish to clean out periodically. Do I truly need to have 11,038 items in my Temporary Internet folder? No I do not. I do try to figure out what stuff is before I delete.

And, I empty the Trash after deleting, and cold shutdown the machine. And, I never have had a problem with sofware not working as a result of my “housekeeping”, so I guess I’m not being too aggressive at it. :slight_smile:

Cool :). Incidentally, if you do come across something that you genuinely want to delete and get this error, it usually means some program has a lock on it, and is reading or writing the file. If you download the rather nifty and completely free Process Explorer from Sysinternals, you can generally find out which process it is that is using the file and kill it if necessary (and lots more besides; it’s a very nifty program).